Sunday, March 11, 2007

CNN Interview

CNN will be running a segment about Guatemalan Adoptions. The segment will be air sometime tomorrow (Monday) on their morning show, between 6am and 9am.

We know that a couple/family from one of our forums was interviewed. We were “solicitated” for a family to come forward who had adopted one child already from Guatemala and was considering adopting again, but a little hesitant because of recent developments.

So, we (all of us living in adoptionland) are truly hoping that this is a pro-adoption story and not something that sends the media on another Madonna/Bradjolina adoption tangent!

As you can see on my timeline, President Bush is traveling in Latin America right now and I believe he will be meeting with President Berger (Guatemala’s President) tomorrow sometime. We are hoping that President Bush will strongly encourage President Berger to continue processing adoptions, especially those already in process!

I will be in the delivery room with my best friend Anne (oh, and her husband, Brian!) as their Baby #3 joins the world! I'll have updates on both the baby's arrival and the CNN interview!

Wish us luck on both!