Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fostering in Antigua

Boy - I am really missing my little angels today. My very talented friend, Jennifer has been coming over and painting murals of the rainforest in their nursery. Before we start, we plop in the latest videos of Austin and Logan taken during our February visit trip and it plays the whole time we are working, them giggling and having fun. It just feels like they are in there with us! Sigh

So, as the days away from our precious boys lengthen, Gary and I have begun talking about the possibility of me fostering the boys in Antigua. In Guatemala, with your attorney’s permission and the proper paperwork you can foster your child(ren) yourself. We originally had not put much thought into this since we thought the boys would be home with us in Nov/Dec.

I have met many, many mothers who have recently taken that plunge and are either there now or on their way. Things we need to consider – first and foremost, the finances. While Antigua is very affordable, to say the least, we’ve exhausted most of our funds in the adoption process itself. Not to mention, I’ld have to take a leave of absence from work. Additionally, while Mason and Evan are certainly old enough to be left here at home with Gary, I don’t treasure the idea of missing 4-5 weeks (or more) from their lives. And lastly, there’s that whole taking care of two boys in a foreign land all by my lonesome thing. ;-) For that last little part, I propose each one of my friends come and spend one week with me in Antigua – any takers?

I'll keep yall updated on our research and on another note, the US Embassy seems to be moving a little this week, here's hoping to Austin's Pre-Approval Monday or Tuesday!!