Saturday, March 31, 2007

Drop off Ya’ Junk!

We’re having an Adoption Fundraiser – a HUGE YARDSALE on Saturday, April 21st! And we’re asking all of our friends and family to help out by donating their junk to us!

We will gladly accept anything that you’re willing to part with, but we’ve also decided to divide our yard into specific areas for better “selling!” So, we will have the following areas set-up:

~ books/videos/CD’s/DVD’s
~ toys (indoor and out)
~ clothing (all ages)
~ misc household items
~ furniture

We will take anything that’s left to Goodwill and will be happy to pick-up donation sheets for you while we’re there. (At least, I think that’s legal, I’ve taken multi-family stuff there before and they’ve given me extra forms….)

So…..Here are three things you can do to help:

1) Drop off "ya junk" at our house
2) Tell your friends about our MASSIVE yardsale (I’ll be e-mailing out some flyers later).
3) Then come on out that day and have some fun along with us!

By the way, we are completely willing to come pick up anyone’s junk, too. It’s just that “Drop off Ya Junk” is a much catchier phrase!

Additional Disclaimer: By the constant and repetitive use of the word “junk” we in no way, shape or form, mean to cause any harm or to insult any of our friends or family by what may appear to be a "negative" word. In fact, we highly respect (and covet) your valuable unuseables and this is one way for us to honor them, or to honor you by honoring them (the junk, that is). He HEE he!

Thank you all for your support!! Hope to see you and/or ya junk soon!

And for more specifics or additional information, you can e-mail me directly at