Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who loves giraffes?

That would be Austin and Logan! 
On a recent trip to our city's finest (zoo) with some other twin Mommies,
all I heard about were the GIRAFFES!  

The self dressing duo

"Look, a baby turtle!"
NO! Where are the GIRAFFES?
 That away, Mom! 
"Um, Hello, giant giraffe face"

Truly, the giraffe feeding IS a fun experience for the kids. 
I don't mind petting them and looking into their beautiful eyes, but their tongues are quite brillo-padish.

(and shhh, don't say anything, but ALL of the individual photos are of Logan. 
Good thing they're twins, I can just say I got them covered!)


Hannah said...

Your cracking me up! I get very self conscience of the fact that most of my pictures are of Sophia. Dmitry just won't cooperate very often.

LOVE the last picture with the giraffe. So cute!

Bobbi said...

YIKES!! That is up close and personal!!! Your boys simply have no fear!!!

You sure they are all of Logan???I thought they were Austin too!! I'd never know the difference, that is for sure!!

Laurie said...

OMG I would LOVE to feed the giraffes! Bella would be scared but I'd feed them!

Helene said...

OMG crack me up!!! That is definitely the advantage of having identical twins!!

I can't believe they were able to get that close to the, kinda scary! I remember we saw giraffes awhile ago at Marine World and the only thing that impressed the kids was the fact that the giraffes drank each other's pee.

Anne said...

How fun! I can't imagine my boys wanting to feed the giraffes like that. And good thing they are twins, although I'm starting to be able to tell them apart in pictures.