Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our neighborhood is inundated with BOYS! 

Count 'em  - TEN! 
And we're even missing a few more.
These are our next door neighbors and best friends!
Sean and Logan play basketball all day long. 
Austin and Ryan play with all the action figures and Geo Trax.

They get along so well!
I am still friends with the girls I grew up next door to.
We shared our whole lives together.
We "witnessed" each others youth.
It is such a treasure.

That's why the above picture brings tears to my eyes.
Sean and Ryan are moving. 
Just a few neighborhoods over.
We'll all still be friends.
But we won't be next door neighbors.
Barb and I are co-mommies! 
I'm gonna miss that.
Her boys have full access to my house.
And mine hers.

On the up side, anyone wanna be my new neighbor?


Deb said...

:( Boo....
If we hadn't just moved, I'd love to be your neighbor!! :)

Bobbi said...

I'll be your neighbor.....but, I might not be alive long. All those tricks certainly will not be good for my heart!!:>)

Hannah said...

What a blessing to have so many boys in your neighborhood. Sorry your friends are moving....that stinks! I'd live next door to you but I'm afraid what would happen to this world if the tiny tornadoes ever met :)

Jamie said... many friends...that is awesome!!! I love reading about your adventures...the trampoline photos took my breath, how could you watch-let alone take pictures!!! Amazing! I love the family photos too!! what a beatuiful group!!!

Helene said...

ME!!!!!!! I'll be your neighbor!!!! Your neighborhood looks like so much fun!!

Garrett is sitting here with me and he loves the lion in your header! He thinks it's your pet...LOL!