Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes....

More tidbits from the Dynamic Duo:

Me:  "I don't like to hear you say that..."
Logan: "Well, then...cover your ears, Mommy."

I gave him the one raised eye "maybe-you-should-rethink-what-you-just said to-your-momma, boy" look and he responded with two raised eyebrows and a "Well, I'm not saying it to YOU." 


Dressing the boys for school Friday, I hear:  "Mom, these are the shirts that Daddy's girlfriend gave us." fades out and then slowly comes back in.....I look at their clothes...

"Okay, that would be your daddy's SISTER, boys...let's make sure we work on that one before we head off into the world, today - okay?"


Thanks to Kelly Osbourne and her time on Dancing with the Stars, both boys now remember ONE key phrase she blurted out after a not so great performance "I think it looked more like Louis pooped me out than gave me a lift."   Yes, folks that's a classic one-liner I hear daily (6 months after the shows finale) "He pooped me out!" and it's always followed by just as much laughter as the first time they heard it!

Sitting in the big brown recliner with Austin on the armchair beside me (and a little higher up) and he says, "Aghhh, I just farted..." sniff, sniff  "...and it was a good one."   Nice!  I concur, and from my vantage point the correct term would be stanky!

Wait...are those MY words!?! 

Before heading out one afternoon, I asked the boys to clean up.  "Logan, can you take those books back upstairs to the bookshelf for me, please."

Logan:  "No, Ma'am!  YOU brought these books downstairs.  It is YOUR job to take them back upstairs."

"Well, yes, that is ususally a rule Mommy sticks pretty strigently to, isn't it?  Does it make a difference if I brought them down here to read to YOU?"

"No, Ma'am.  It's your mess.  You made it, you clean it up."

I think I like my words a LOT better going out than coming in!  lol

Over at Nonnie's house, Logan was playin' around and accidentally sent a glass of water flying all over himself, Nonnie and the stool he was sitting in.  Nonnie, rather sarcastically said, "Well, gee THANKS a lot. That was nice."  Logan broke out into the most hysterical and musical laugh I have ever heard from him and he could barely contain himself when he managed a, "You're welcome, Nonnie"  and continued to laugh for a good five minutes!

Can I just you that  I LOVE the fact that my kids are picking up on the sarcasm that surrounds their life I was recently told that that was my "preferred" method of communication!

Reasoning:  Austin is quite the logical thinking.  The other day in the car we were on the topic of cows.  Logan asked, "Mommy why do cows eat grass?"  Before I could come up with anything, Austin replied "Well, Logan - why do YOU eat crackers?"  Logan: "Becasue I like them."  Austin:  "Well, then that's why cows eat grass. Okay, Logan?"  

Thanks for the help, Austin!

Being the only girl in the house, occassionally stray lost long hairs are found in unwanted spots and I'm always the accused shedder!  When Logan found yet another one, he held it up and I quickly tried to intercept the attack.  "hey - is that MY hair?  Give it back!  STOP taking all of Mommy's hair!"

Logan stuck it back on my head, giggled and said "Why cuz then you would look like (bald, er, hairless)Uncle Mitch?"

Smart boys!

Driving home from a fun day at the Irish Festival, we were passing through downtown (which has grown and changed a lot in recent years) and Nonnie siad, "What was THAT building?"  From the back seat, Logan pipes up, "Richmond Center Stage - that's what the sign says."  I thought Nonnie was gonna have a heart attack thinking her grandbaby could read at 3 years old.  I was laughing too hard to explain to her that Logan must have recognized the "emblem/sign" from the Richmond Center Stage commercials that run on the local PBS station.  Still an awesome accomplishment that he recognized it!! 



Helene said...

Oh man, I just love your boys!! I love reading the funny things they say and their adorable pictures!

The fart comment sounds familiar. It must be a boy thing. Just tonight Cole farted and Tim came home from work like maybe 2 minutes later and Cole told him, "Daddy, can you still smell my fart that I just did? It was a good one, too. I can try to do it again if you can't smell it".

Oh. My. God. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

I really am sad we don't live closer to one another. Our kids would have such a blast together. I say this all the time when I leave comments, don't I? So what are you waiting'll love California!

Bobbi said...

oh, how I love to read these little sayings!! I have tears running down my face!! They say the funniest things!!

Sarcasm is the "preferred" communication in this house. Reese isn't quite there yet. But, Cassie is. She makes her Mama so proud. Joe says it is scary!!! We're raising our kids right!

Christina said...

Love this post! =)