Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Warning - if you have a weak stomache (Bobbi!) do not look at this entire post! 

They were learning how to "back" dunk!
Taking their superhero roles seriously!
Even superheroes get tired!

Okay - STOP looking!  Serious fearlessness ahead...

Lord!  My heart drops everytime I see these pictures!
This did not look half as bad in person! 
In real life, Evan is bouncing back up with-in milliseconds and catching them. 
It seems I captured maximum height and separation.

Shwew!  Okay - you can look again...


Bobbi said...

HA!! You know me so well!! Great shots. It was like the book The Monster at the End of this Book. You couldn't help but look. What a great big brother they have!

Have to go the ambulance is here to check my heart!!

Deb said...

He is a great big brother!! Great pictures......see now how I can tell you how calm you are, standing still, watching the action taking such great pictures!!! :)

Was so great to see you today ~ TWICE!! :)

Steph said...

YIKES!!! Those are definitely scary pictures!!! But, oh so much fun! How many times has your heart stopped?!?!?

Tracey said...

Okay that made me wince for sure...the fearless duo with an awesome big bro!!

Hannah said...

I would literally pee my pants. In fact I just did but that had nothing to do with you!! :) Sorry, I am just waking up and am a little off.

What a cool big brother to help them scare mommy. In our house it's Daddy who helps the Monkey do all the bad things that scare me. Thankfully I have Dmitry who wears safety gear to eat breakfast.