Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Season!

Does anyone else have a birthday season?  We do!

It starts in Febuary and runs through June!  Every weekend birthday, birthday, birthday - sometimes 2 a day!  lol

Here are some random pics from our Birthday Season par-tays!


Jamie said...

sometimes I feel as though the year is a party...this year especially: from birthdays, to weddings, to graduations and don't for get anniversaries...WOW!!! Love the pics...especially of the present opening, I love the anticipation!! Priceless!!!

Heidi said...

YES! Our birthday season is in the summer. Looks like the boys aren't minding it a bit!

Bobbi said...

YEs, ours seems to run in summer!! Looks like you have been having some fun at them!!

UMMMMMM, who are the boys in those pictures, cuz those boys are WAY TOO BIG to be Austin and Logan!!

Tracey said...

We LOVE birthday season and we CANNOT wait to celebrate a HUGE one tomorrow with our best buddies!!

Hannah said...

We do have a birthday season and it is in full swing!!

Helene said...

We are very lucky the way our family's birthdays fall. Each set of twins' birthdays are 6 months apart with mine and Tim's birthdays falling in between.

Wonderful pictures!! If you have to have a birthday season, it's best to have it when there's warm did it right!!