Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This and That!

The boys have gotten a little more freedom in the neighborhood so we have been drilling street rules into their awesome little brains!

I caught Austin FLYING down the driveway on a scooter and NOT checking for cars.  I caught up to him and was reminding him of his error when he made his way back up the driveway and repeated - right in front of me as I was yelling at, um, correcting him!

Fast forward 15 minutes, he's sitting on the stairs in timeout and is getting released.  "Austin, what is the rule again for outside play?"  He replies, "Look this way, look that way and yell 'NO CARS'."  "Okay, well, you didn't do that.  And then right in front of Mommy when I was reminding you of the rules, you did it again.  WHY would you do that, Austin!?"

Without fearing my tone what-so-ever, his face lit up and he said, "BECAUSE Mommy, it was so  AWESOME!" 

We always tell each other I love you this much - and show an inch with our fingers.  NO - I love you this much - and move our hands a part.  NO - I love you this much - and pull our arms apart.  And then we compete to see which one of us can make the biggest space!

After another 'round on the trampoline where we started jumping in the air making star shapes (hands and feet out as wide as they could go), we started telling each other "I love you STAR much." 

After watching a particularly funny "old" Micky Mouse skit on TV, Austin said "back'fartd."

You farted?  "No, back'fartd" Your back farted? "NO!"  Um, Logan farted?  Micky Mouse farted?

"No, Mommy!  Back'farted it!"

Aww - my little sourthern dude - you want Mommy to back. forward. it?    As in, rewind? 

Awhile back, Aunt Patsy was modeling new clothes for a convention.  She came out in a bright colored jacket.  She was pointing out the colors to Austin. 

"My jacket has red.  And yellow.  And black."
Austin interupts her with a very studious, "We call those PRIMARY colors."  I'm quite impressed with my 3 year old.  He continues, "Yes, the little bunny hops in the blue paint.  The little bunny hops in the yellow paint and the little bunny makes GREEN paint!" 

Have I mentioned I LOVE our preschool?

Both guys see symbols everywhere.  "Daddy, my pizza is a triangle!"  "This bed is a rectangle."  Three sippy cups aligned on the table - "this is a traingle, Mom."

Last week, Logan says, "Mom, our dinner plate is an octogon..  See (Counts the sides to eight).  Just like a stop sign.

Smart boys!

Evan likes to play with the twins at night right before bed.  One night, the twins were really into a tv show when Evan crashed in the bed with them. 

Evan says as he was playing with Logan, he felt Austin just staring at him.  Evan turned around, met Austin's eye-piercing stare and raised eyebrows.  Austin finally said, "Evan.  Don't you have some homework to do?"


Last night at bathtime, I was drying off Austin.  Logan was still sitting in the tub, "Mom, do I have bubbles on my "turtle?"

Yes. No.  What, Logan?

Do I have bubbles on my turtle, Mom? 

Um, no.  I don't think so, dear.

Mom, Look. 

I'm beginning the think something may have happened, rash? irritation? lint?

So, I peer over the tub and he had, well, apparently discovered his balls.

This is Logan.  My sports FINACTIC.

Balls? Can I bounce them, Mom?

It's no secret.  Austin and Logan are active, high energy little boys.  Before we go ANYWHERE, I run down ALL the rules! 

Do we run in the store?  Do we hold Mommy's hand?  Do we shout?  Do we knock things off the counter?  Do we...
"MOM," Austin shouts, "That's too many words!  Just say 'em one at at time.  All I hear is blah, blah, blah....."   

Have truer words EVER been spoken? 

Allergies have been kickin in and Gary has no voice.  He was working on the boys new bunk beds and Austin (surprise) wasn't listening.  Unfortunately, Gary got hurt.

I quickly ushered the boys out of their room, down the hall and into our room, all the while uttering my mommy rant - "You boys have got to start listening.  The first time Mommy and Daddy say something.  (blah, blah, blah)"  

Logan is leaning up against the door jam, foot crossed, casually sipping his capri sun.  "Me too, mommy," shakes his head - "I'm just sick and tired of it all."

Spontaneous BURST of laughter erupts from me.  "Really, Logan?"

Logan continues to shake his head, "Austin is AWAYS whining and I'm jut sick of it, Mommy!" 


They start out really well.  Quiet.  Snugg-a-ly.  Laughter and smiles.

I dole out my "dressing requiremnets" for the day.  I determine, long sleeves, short sleeves, pants to the ground (which we all start bopping our heads and singing ....pants to the ground, pants to the ground, looking like a fool with your pants to the ground).

I leave them to shoes and socks! They come up with darndest of combinations.  I check for underwear.  Logan's favorite method of travel is "commando." 

Somewhere in the hubbub, inevidently, the mornings go awry.  And I end up yelling.  Yelling.  and yelling.  To get everyone out the door and into the car.

Today, was no different.  Until...

From the side of my eye, I see Austin attempt to do the "Pre-school flip" with his backpack. The Pre-school flip is when you lay your jacket on the floor, away from you.  You slide your hands/arms in it and then flip the jacket over your head.  Voila!  Jacket is on.

This morning, I made the twins pack up toys for Nonnie's house.  Their choice?  The entire Geo Trax system.  Together we shoved it into a giant backpack.

When I was doling out commands in preparation for our exit, I guess I told one of them to grab the back pack. 

So, when I look up and see it go flying through the air, with Austin's arms attached to it as he performs "The PreSchool flip, " he takes two giant leaps backwards as the weight of the back pack propels his body out of my sight. 

I have tears of laughter running down my face as I turn the corner and see him spralwed on his back like a turtle! 

Nothing cracks my kids up more than knowing they sent Mom into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, so we all end up in one big pile of laughter on the floor!  Now THAT's a way to start the day!


Hannah said...

I loved this. I love hearing their stories because they seriously crack me up.

I love the All I hear is blah, blah, blah!

Laurie said...

Love hearing stories! Too cute!

Bobbi said...

Oh, I am so glad I can come to you for my daily dose of laughter!!! I enjoyed each of these stories!! You will be so glad that you have recorded these little moments. I need to do more of this!! But, I can't top yours

Tracey said...

They are getting way too smart for us mommies...funny funny boys!!

Karen Peebles Photography said...

LOL on the "Evan, Don't you have homework..." and on the "I am sick and tired of it all, too". Thanks - I needed that!!!