Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tidbits and more snow!

Last Saturday, I was exhausted and overly-spent after taking care of my over active, wild -not-listening- more-than-usual children.  I prayed for patience.  The next day....I woke up with laryngitis. 

I spent the whole day walking around and "patiently" listening to the children as I couldn't do anything else - well except for a few hand gestures!  hee hee 

As one friend told me, "Don't you know when you pray for something, God just gives you more opportunity to practice!"  How true!!

As soon as the first snowflakes fell last week, Austin looked up at me, grabbed ahold of my face (for clearer and direct attention) and very, very excitedly asked:  "NOW Santa can come. Mommy??" 

;-(      "...awww.  No baby, not quite yet!"  

Over at our neighbors one night, Ryan (4 1/2 years old), stated, "Austin is my BEST friend."  Austin: "Yep!"

Ryan, "Best friends forever, right?"   Austin:  "No."

Ryan looked crestfallen!   Me: "Austin, why don't you want to be Ryan's best friend forever?"

Austin:  "Oh.  Well.  Because, I gotta home."  (I can't stay here forever!)   teeheehee!

One morning, Gary and I were talking and Logan suddenly asked, "Mom you got your talk back to Daddy?"  huh?  "Your talk, it's back?"  Oh, my talk?  Yes, baby Momma's finally got her talk back, a little.  "Mommy, your throat's not oweee anymore?"  No baby, Momma's all ok, you sweet little thing!

In the car the other day, I suddenly realized it was quiet,  Extremely quiet.  "You guys are awfully quiet.  You doing alright back there?"  Austin replies, "Well....we didn't want to make you mad, Mommy."

Hilarious!  Yeah, it's been that kind of week or two!  Poor little things, "I guess if we're quiet, maybe she won't yell at us."   

The morning after the big snowstorm, Logan woke up and say, "Mommy, is the snow still here?"  Yep, baby it's still here and lots more, too!     He wrapped his little arms around me, kissed me and said, "Oh thank you, Mommy!  Thank you, Mommy!"    hee hee - Me Snow Princess!  I make Snow! I make lot of good snow! 


Speaking of, here's more pictures of My snow! 

Austin and his "motorcycle."

Logan and his saucer!
Then, he ditched the saucer and went down solo:

Crazy boy!

Big Bro, Evan and Austin

Mommy and Austin

Daddy and Logan


Bobbi said...

OK, you have two of the little devils and keep up w/blogging! What's the secret?!?!

Just got caught up. Watched them ice skating--and you too. Hello---I can't even stay upright!!!

Your post about your Daddy's snow just made me sob.I am so sorry your heart is sad right now.

But, I do know how happy that snow has made you!! Sounds like your Daddy gave you a wonderful Christmas gift.

Those boys are gorgeous!! And, Reese totally wants that motorcycle sled. Where oh where did you find that?!?!

Hugs to you and the boys

Tracey said...

Yeah! Mommy is in pictures...too cute!

Beth said...

I just love reading what your little angels come up with! It's so sweet!!

Way to go making all that snow for the boys! Sam may be asking you to whip some up for us, it has been a slow start to the white stuff here. (not that I mind!)

I was just looking at pics from our visit last year... where has the time gone!

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family! xoxo

Heidi said...

Oh, you poor thing! Hope you're feeling better. Good thing those boys' sweetness more than make up for their mischief, right?

Anne said...

Hilarious! Your boys are just precious. And how smart of you to document it all for later :)

Love the action pictures in the snow!

Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas. Tell Nonnie that Grace says Hello :)

Anonymous said...
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