Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preschool Party!

Yesterday was Austin and Logan's preschool Christmas party! 

I LOVE their preschool!  They learn so much about God and Jesus and all the stories in the bible.  I love it!!  I also love that out of the 12 little ones in their class, there is another set of twins, one little princess adopted from China, 5 children of Indian nationality, and one little boy who's mother is partially deaf - can you say DIVERSITY! 

And of course, no party iss complete with out Momma's Elf Nonnie helper!  Nonnie to the rescue! 

The piece 'de resistance!


Steph said...

How cute! That's great you found a preschool for your boys that you love. Adorable pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute! Love the treats too! Can't wait to be room mom when i have lil ones!

Tracey said...

Ok photo this the new camera?!! Some great the food spread and those cute elves!!

Bobbi said...

Ok, I love the shirts and the headlock in the first pic, and the Santa aprons with Nonnie are beyond adorable!!!

So glad that you love your preschool. It certainly sounds like a good one!!!

Hannah said...

That is some serious cuteness!! I love those pictures. So cute to see them at school :) They are such adorable little guys!

Hannah said...

Ha! I just got a comment from you...we must be on the same late night computer schedule! Have a great weekend!