Thursday, December 10, 2009

O' Christmas Tree....

We were hoping to start a new tradition this year, by heading off to a local tree farm.  Ya know - and chop down our very own perfect Christmas tree.  Fill the house with the fresh scent of newborn pine. 

Alas, in this town now officially known as The Wetlands - it rained that day.  On the one day Gary had off.  On the one day we had designated as Christmas Tree Day. 

So, off Daddy went to Lowes.  Still in the rain.  He searched high and low and after 2.5 hours came home with a magnificient tree;  Behold...

But try as we might, there was no denying it;  On day three of living with this evergreen, we realized it had already reached it's prime and was well over the other side of the hill and spiralling quickly onto the downside of twig'dom.  Needles were falling off faster than Tiger Wood's mistresses were coming forward.  A mere opening of the door or a twice daily drive-by from our 100 year old dog sent 1,000's of more needles plummeting to the carpet.  A painful, but necessary decision was made.

R.I.P.  O' Magnificent Christmas Tree,  
unk - Dec 7, 2009

The remains.

Many more failed attempts to replace.  More rain.  A closed tree farm.  $89 corner lots.  Tonight, alas a lone single replacement tree was found.  Back to square one.  At Lowes again.  Same size range. Same $.

Friends.  Family.  I give you: 

"El Whimpy"
Oh. Christmas. Tree. 


Laurie said...

Ooh boy have I been there done that, but it was like Dec. 23 or 24! I couldn't stand a droopy tree on Christmas morning!

Tracey said...

We love el whimpy...he's our brother tree!

Heidi said...

Oh, wow! I would be so frustrated. I hope Lowes gave you your money back. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh pine tree though. I know cuz we have a fake one. There are definate pluses and minuses to both. So let's see some pics with it decorated!

Donna said...

El Wimpy cannot withstand the weight of ornaments. ;-(

Well, maybe we can get one or two on there. hehee

Anne said...

Wow!! What a journey for a Christmas Tree. I do love the smell of a real tree but hate the needles.

We love our 12 foot pre-lit fake tree :)

Steph said...

Oh no! That is terrible!!! Lowes didn't even give you a discount?!?!

We always go to the tree farm and pick out our tree. It is a lot of fun. Usually! :) Though, putting the lights on our tree this year was a real bitch! I fought a brave battle with the pine needles, but alas, I ended up wearing my winter gloves just to finish hanging the lights! Good grief!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness. That is a heck of a tree story. I hope this one does better and makes it to Christmas :)