Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seeing Red!

Austin, Logan and I had a nice, quiet Saturday morning. 

Snuggling to some "Dinosaur Train." 

Puppy schnoozing away. 

El Whimpy still around, partially lit, waiting for ornaments (not that it can withstand the weight!).  

Our peaceful morning didn't last too long.  Austin and Logan are still on some sort of a rampage against Mom.  Today, Logan found out what soap tasted like.  To be fair, the child did get several warnings.  For about a week.  The last time was just two days ago.  We were coming home from seeing Santa.  Our trip to the mall cut short - no noodles (their fav!), yanked from the play area for tackling (Logan) and running around like a banshee screaming (Austin).  They were out of control (the new norm).  Anyway, I got yelled at the whole way home, but about wrecked the car when Logan said, "You're stupid Mom."  Gary and I had just warned them that we never, ever wanted to here THAT again.  So, when I heard it, I immediately changed lanes, made (2) right turns into an apartment complex, hopped out of the car, opened the van door, had Logan out of the seat in 1.03 seconds after uttering those nasty words and attempted to put him in Time Out right there on the curb (in the parking lot).  I say attempted because Logan, sensing this was way beyond any reaction he had ever seen from me before, clung to me like velcro and was screaming at the top of his lungs - "DON'T LEAVE ME, MOM!!"  I put  him back in the car (rather quickly) and once I was calm enough to speak again, gave the ultimate warning - "If I ever, EVAH, here either one of you say that WORD!"

Austin (still crying with fear that I was going to leave his brother on the curb), let our a new burst of wails, "BUT I didn't SAY it, Mom!!!"

Doesn't matter - I'm telling both of you, right now.  I don't EVAH want to hear it AGAIN!

I hate these moments, 'cuz I want to comfort them so badly.  I mean, they are my babies.  And they're crying.  Actually, they are fearing for their lives and it's because of me.  Ya know what I mean.

So, imagine my GREAT surprise today when I hear those words come out of Logan's mouth again!  I hadn't actually thought this through.  I have no memory of having had my mouth washed out with soap.  Never seen it done, either. Always thought it would be with a bar of soap.  But,  that's not what we had in the kitchen - and actually the little squirt of liguid soap was just enough to get on his teeth and get the message across.  So, everyone, pray, please pray that's the last we hear of that nasty little word!   Thankfully, Nonnie was here to witness and to comfort. 

As I didn't have long to rest.  Or to get back to tree trimming.  Cuz about 15 minutes later, Austin pooped in his pants.  Again.  Usually he gets a shower.  It's not an easy clean up.  Austin is so laid back, we have a hard time finding his "button."  Time out doesn't bother him.  Rewards.  Punishments.  Taking away toys.  etc.  Nothing really upsets him.  So as he didn't mind having to leave his favorite tv show and go upstairs for a shower in the middle of the day (again), I might have forgotten to turn the warm water on.  I mean, this doesn't need to be an experience at the Ritz.  Anyway, he made sure he high-tailed it to the potty the rest of the day!  And again, Nonnie was there to comfort and soothe!  Thanks, Nonnie!

Btw, it is perfectly exceptable to have a little wine at 3:30ish when you have days (or a whole week) like this!

Earlier in the day, I caught a little glimpse of this running by me:

I already had the camera out so I followed Austin back to the playroom and saw a little of this (on Logan):

And a lot more of this:

Wait - did you see it??

The letter A.  Lots and lots of A's!  REALLY good ones, too!  I didn't even scold, I just documented!  After all, it's not like we can put his legs in a scrapbook.  I had NO idea my baby could write an "A."  And might I just say again, really, really good ones!

Go, Austin!

Dear Lord - thank you for blessing my life with these sweet little high spirited boys!  I have always been told what a patient person I was.  Yet, You found a way to stretch my limits beyond anything I would have thought capable!  For I can assure You, patient is not what I feel 99% of the time!  ;-)  Please continue to be with me as I raise these precious little souls.  Let's focus on getting them to 4 yrs. old with as little (additional) mental scarring as possible.  Send MORE patience, if You could. 

And we'll keep the jar of laughter and happiness running as high as always.  To look for the bright spots. The moments.  Like when Logan was trying to get comfortable on my lap the other night during an all to often-rare rocking chair moment.  I asked him what he needed from me (to make him comfortable) his sweet little whisper, "Just sit here, Mom." brought quite the mist to my eye.  Just sit, Mom.  Just be here.  Just be the arms that swoop me up when I cry - for no other arms will do.  Just sit next to me even if I'm just watching tv. 
Just you, Mom.  That's all I really ever need.   

I remember waiting a whole year for that role.  For the stars to align and for the Heavens to open up so that I could do. just. that. 
To be there.   Be there for my babies. And to be their Mommy.     

Thanks, God.


Deb said...

Beautiful post!

Greta Jo said...

You write so real. I love it!
My little guy had soap in his mouth for the same thing last mouth.

What a great job writing the letter A. WOW!

Steph said...

Okay, I just went from laughing to crying. Beautiful!!

Katie said...

Hey ! Just popping in to check on your cuties . Brayden still has poop accidents also .. ALOT .. so frustrating isn't it !! I think I might steal your idea of the cold shower .. otherwise I was thinking back to diapers ??!! HUGS !!

Bobbi said...

Ok, what is with the word STUPID??!??! It is Mauricio's favorite word right now. I am seriously close to soap as well.

I love that your posts are so real. I thank you for that. My days are similiar, but just with one this age!! I feel like I am going to lose my mind. Oh, the three's. Praying we all make it through.

You had me in tears from fits of laughter to moments of sweetness. THANKS!!!

Hannah said...

I am sorry you have had a rough few must be going around. Mine seem to be out of their mind. I keep telling myself they are just excited about Christmas but I am going to start drinking soon if they don't straighten up :)

I love that even in the midst of all this (Which you handled great BTW!) You can still see what a gift they are. The highs and lows of mommyhood ..gotta love it.

Leslie said...

your post was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn funny!!!! your rock!