Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the Polar Express Santa - cool, huh!?!  Actually his entire set up is based on the movie and its extremly cool.  If they ever change the theme on us, we might have to cancel Christmas! lol

Alrighty, on the list this year for Santa -

 Austin:  A roller coaster. (we have no idea if that's a life size one or not and we're not asking!)  And a Super Why action toy.  Our buddy Van introduced us to Super Why (on PBS) and we LOVE it!  While shopping one night Austin shrieked when he saw Super Why on the shelf.  I had never seen a Super Why toy and there were only (5) of them on the shelf.  So, I helped Santa out by snagging (3) of them.  In the parkng lot, while Austin was getting in the car, I shipped the (3) Super Why's off on the Express Train to Santa where hopefully he would decide to send them back to (3) special little boys.  Austin is very angry about this system and got a little in Santa's face abut making sure he brings him "back" his Super Why toy!  ;-)

Logan:  A soccer ball.  A soccer net/goal.  A soccer field.   Gary and I mentioned that a soccer field might be a little difficult for Santa to bring.  Austin chimed in with "Hey, wait, I got an idea!  Santa can make it really small, like this (he makes a rectangle with his hands) so that he can fit it into his bag and then, when he gets here, he can make it REALLY BIG!"  Logan nods and says, "Good thinking, Austin!" 

um, yeah.  Stay tuned on that one folks!     

The boys were telling us all about the story of Mary and Joseph and the manger and the donkey and how they had no room to sleep.  And how baby Jesus was born.  So, we asked them what was special about Christmas Day and Austin said, "That's the day Jesus comes over and opens up all his presents!"   (awww!)

So, in case you lost track....Roller coaster.  Soccer field.   Jesus.  Got it! 

It is gonna be one heckuva wild Christmas morning 'round here!


Bobbi said...

ok, I am so far behind!!! First off, I am sorry your Daddy isn't here to enjoy Nonnie and your boys. I also remember that this is the time of year that I really started following you, so your Daddy kind of brought us together. How I wish he was here with you right now.

I love your humor!!! The tree and tiger woods mistresses, had me laughing out loud!!! And, FYI Reese would think that a tree from Lowe's would rock. He thinks Lowe's is the bomb!!

So, I am wondering how you and Gary, I mean Santa is going to bring you a soccer field....and have it for Jesus to open!! Isn't it great seeing the world through their eyes

Much Love to you and hugs!!!

Tracey said...

Where is Polar Express Santa??? We need to see him too. Santa Donna finds the best toys...SuperWhy rocks our world...cannot wait to see the glee!

Hannah said...

That is SO cute. Good luck on the roller coaster and the soccer field :)