Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Wow - we had such a wonderful and "relaxed" Christmas!

Christmas Eve service, our two little shepherds (representing Guatemala) were in the Christmas Pageant!

Two little angels or two little wild ones?  You deide. 

If you guessed "wild" you'ld be correct!  Despite suggesting that the boys be separated on stage, they still stuck together an diperformed their usual slap fest on each other while giggling non-stop.  They almost toppled the entire nativity scene.  And Logan kept running up to peak in on Baby Jesus.  Mary was quite beside herself with fret over these two active little shepherds.  Howeverm since the majoirty of the cast members were between 2 and 8 - noone else really seem to notice my two wild ones!

Back at home, we fed the reindeer magic reindeer food.

Set Santa's cookies out - "Is Santa gonna eat these cookies, Mom?"

We sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus and put him in his manger. 

Nonnie came to spend the night to add to the Christmas Eve excitement!   So she took the boys upstairs to bed.  As Austin was cuddling up to Nonnie, he declared this, "The best Chrsitmas Eve EVAH!"

The next morning, at the top of the stairs waiting for the "OK" to descend.

Santa DID deliver!  LOOK - a soccer ball, a soccer net AND a soccer field!!  We knew Santa has scored a great deal on the net, we just had no idea he was delivering a regulation size net!  lol

Mason and Lory made it over early to ccatch all the excitement!

Bwah hahahahahaha! Yes, Austin got his roller coaster, too!  Bless his little heart, he spent all Christmas morning waiting for it to be completed so he could see it in action.  He was a real trooper and waited as patiently as any 3 1/12 year old could! ;-) 

We got to spend the whole day at home.  Nice and easy.  We grazed all day long, too!  The kids got lots of wonderful toys and Mom and Dad got plenty of sleep by the end of the day - bed at 8:30pm for ALL!


Tracey said...

Awesome holiday...age 3 rocked Christmas for sure! What fun last night too...can't wait to play this week too! Thinking good thoughts for Evan and sending our love and prayers!

Steph said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Greta Jo said...

What fun! Bed at 8:30pm for all?! WOW, that's good stuff.
We really need to plan a weekend get together. I think we are going to Va. in Feb to see my brother's new home.

Hannah said...

I am loving that soccer field! Santa is SO smart!! :)

Bobbi said...

Oh, I could just see them in that play!!! SOOOOO funny!!!

What awesome parents you are. You fulfilled each boys dreams!! You are truly amazing!! You rock!!

Glad that you had a nice, "relaxing" Christmas.

Beth said...

Great post of a great Christmas!! I love to read about you and your boys!!

Maine!?! September!?! Yes please!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!