Thursday, October 15, 2009

The TRIP!! (Part 1)

In mid-September, Nonnie took Evan, Austin, Logan and I are the trip of our lives! Nonnie's lovely and delightful Aunt Carmen was turning 89 and her two beautiful daughters, Gina and Cathy were throwing her a Polynesian Luau to celebrate in style.

We live on the East Coast. Aunt Carmen and her daughters live on the West Coast. Picking flights, travel times, layovers, and all of the other details of the trip was definitely centered on the twins! To say that Nonnie and I had concerns about "handling" them and all of their energy (while bogged down with luggage) cross country is putting it very mildly!
We don't look like we woke up at 4am!
But we sure do feel like it! That tricky Mom of ours!
We travel in style! We have these cool straps that attach the car seats to our luggage and we just wheel the boys through the airports.
Don't they look HUGE in those seats? ack!

What!? Nonnie's got both boys! Time for Mom to catch some zzz's. Wake me up in California!!!


Bobbi said...

Nonnie rocks again!!!! But, even more so are those car seats that attach to the suitcases!! What a great idea.

Can't wait for Part 2.......

Heidi said...

Those car seat thingys are awesome! Lucky you to have Nonnie to help. It's hard managing 2 little ones! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!