Friday, October 16, 2009

The FAMILY (Part 2)

We made it!! California touchdown!

Between the early morning wake-up and the flights combined with the time change, Evan says we ate 9 meals that day! lol
Nonnie and the birthday girl!This picture cracks me up! The children were wonderful the whole trip, very well behaved, very, very entertaining (more stories to come), but whenever we went to my aunt's house - they were their wildest! So, my cousin Gina, called in the now Infamous, Mr. Honey to entertain them! And boy, did he deliver! Austin and Logan loved Mr. Honey! In fact, before they even met him, they named their two new blue toys, Mr. Honey - very odd as none of us had ever mentioned his name before. We were trying to get a picture of the three of them and right before this picture was snapped, Austin jumped in smack dab in front of Logan and blocked him - it was hysterical!
Our lovely West Coast family!
See a family resemblance?

Fun times!

What a wonderful birthday celebration! We are so glad and honored that we got to share it with you, Aunt Carmen!


Heidi said...

Visiting family is the best! Looks like your boys were the main entertainers!

Anne said...

Great pictures! And what awesome family memories. Austin and Logan look like they have grown since we saw them in July.

Greta Jo said...

What great memories! I am glad the boys travel well as its a long flight.

Hannah said...

Great pictures! It looks like so much fun! I love the party pictures!

Bobbi said...

OK, I love the one of you and Nonnie!!! HOTTIES!!!!!!! And, yes, I do see the family resemblence!

All of the family must have really enjoyed seeing you and the boys!! What a special trip