Friday, October 23, 2009

The BEACHES (Part 4)

Of course, Nonnie and I love the beaches, but with Evan a first time West Coaster, we really made an effort to catch a lot of scenic views for him.

I am sure I cannot even put into words the amount of fun we had just hopping in the car and heading to nowhere in particular.  No agenda, no time schedule.  Just the thrill of seeing what we would find. 

Austin and Logan thrilled us to no end in the car.  Evan packs one heck of a funny bone himself - so between the three of them, we were entertained around the clock.

And we found and "discovered" so many amazing spots! 


Nonnie said...

Love it, love it, love it - you did a super job capturing all the special moments we shared on that unforgettable trip. Music is perfect!! Don't you wish we were still there??

Tracey said...

Too much fun! Those little fish LOVE some water!!

Heidi said...

How have I missed all of your posts lately? How fun to just go with the flow and do whatever you feel like when you feel like it! Especially with 2 little ones. I love your Disneyland post!

Bobbi said...

What beautiful collages/videos!!! Oh, how I miss you guys!!! I want to snuggle those little guys--if they ever stay still long enough, and te meet your older boys as well!

Loving the trip re-cap