Saturday, October 3, 2009

Staircase Greetings

Recording a memory: When Austin and Logan wake up in the morning, they tumble out into the hallway, lay down on the landing and half asleep, call out "Momma." I love climbing up the stairs and peering over the edge and scooping them up into my arms.

As much as I really want to capture this "moment" on film, I just don't have the heart to snap that picture first thing in the morning!

After a few seconds of snuggly time, the first question I hear every morning is "Mom, where is (insert name of twin not yet awake)?" Even if they just crawled over the missing twin in order to get out of bed!


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Bobbi said...

Oh, so sweet!! They are so snuggly when they first wake up. I just want to bottle it forever.