Monday, October 19, 2009


You can't go all the way to California without going to DISNEYLAND!

Although the trip was planned in less than a month's time, that was enough to get Austin and Logan worked up for the Magic of Disney!

As an added bonus, Logan was beside himnself when Mommy pulled out the stashed forbidden basketball outfit - after this summer's wardrobe fiasco, I banned all mismatched, torn, yucky clothing.  In order to get Logan in his daily outfits, I had told him there was no basketball clothes in California.  He flipped when I showed him I had brought his favorite High School Musical basketball uniform with us, "Oh, THANK you, Mommy.  THANK YOU for bringing my basketball clothes!"  (Yep, it only made me feel a leetle guilty!)

This is our Fairy Godmother - she provided our entrance into Disneyland!
Evan and Logan on the Nemo ride.

It's a Small World, Afterall...

Austin and Nonnie!

Logan a little unsure of darkness and music...  ;-)

Evan and Logan (his mini-me) having a blast on the flying Dumbo!

OhMyGosh, It's Lightning McQueen!!

What!?!  Mater's here, too?

So excited, a parade's coming!

Uh, this big scarey dude came over and high-five'd us....

He was HUGE!

We probably could have spent a whole 'nother day at the parks.  It was so much fun watching Austin and Logan go crazy with excitement over all the different things for them to do.   It was indeed a very magical day!


Bobbi said...

Oh, makes me want to take Reese to Disney!!

HA!!! What a great Mom to bring his fav. outfit!!!

UM, do they love their big brother just a little bit?????

Hannah said...

Great pictures. I bet you guys had a blast!