Friday, July 13, 2007

They're STILL here!!!

Every day, I wake up and look over the side of my bed and see two gorgeous little boys laying there and I thank God that I am not dreaming....They're still here!! Thank you, God, they're still here!

What an incredible week it has been. The boys have just been going non-stop. They love a crowd. They love to entertain and to be entertained. They're wearing mommy to a frazzle, but there just couldn't be a more happier frazzled woman on the planet!

It's only been a week, but it seems like forever already. They are our world. It just seems like they've been a part of us forever. And yet, it still seems surreal that they are actually here!

I'll be short tonight and will promise to update more are some pool time pictures of our little hunks!!


Lou said...

They are just beautiful....tell me....How do you tell them apart??

Home sweet home said...

They are GORGEOUS !! Keep the pics coming !!!

ManyBlessings said...

They are too stinkin' cute!!! It's so nice to see you posting from home sweet home. :)

Tam said...

They get cuter every time I see a new pic!