Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Didn't make it

They're stranded in Charlotte, NC - the 10:30 flight to Charlottesville actually left at 10:05 and they missed it by seconds - they are now scheduled to arrive in Richmond tomorrow morning on USAirways flight 3266 which leaves Charlotte at 7:45 am and arrives in Richmond t 8:48 am.

They have had a horrendous day, but Donna says the boys did well on the long flight from Guatemala and are holding up OK - I'm not sure she and Gary can say the same. There doesn't seem to be any hotel rooms available in Charlotte, so on top of everything else, they may be sleeping in the airport tonight. I got a frantic call from Donna asking me to search the internet for a room - I found one and they are in the process of trying to book it now. Keep praying, everybody - the saga continues - they just need to get home.

I guess it was meant for the boys to arrive home on Independence Day.

Hope noone headed for Charlottesville - our phones have been ringing off the hook and I couldn't get over here to update this blog any sooner.


Tam said...

Aw, darn it! I hope they got a room...

Anonymous said...

Independence Day seems to be a very appropriate day for them to come home! They are finally "free" of all the red tape and waiting! Thank God those boys are HOME!

ManyBlessings said...

OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!! I hope they were able to find a room for the night! I can't even imagine trying to stay in an airport with twin little ones for an overnight!

PRAYING TODAY!!!!! One more flight!!