Monday, July 2, 2007

The Day Has Finally Come

July 3rd is the day we've been dreaming of!! Donna, Gary, Austin & Logan will be flying home tomorrow - as I type it, I still can't believe it. For those of you who might be thinking of meeting them when they touch ground at RIC, here's what their itinerary looks like.

They will be leaving Guatemala at 2:15 their time (4:15 here) on USAirways Flight #1807. They are scheduled to land in Charlotte, NC at 7:54 pm (our time) and depart for Richmond on USAirways Flight #1925 at 9:35 pm, arriving in Richmond at 10:36 pm. Of course, between the time they land in Charlotte and take off for Richmond, they have to go through customs and immigration. Hopefully, they will have enough time to do that and make the flight.

As of tonight, it looks as if there are seats available on both flights - so we are praying that holds true tomorrow. Donna is supposed to let me know whether or not they make the flights and I will post that information here as soon as I get it. So, if you are thinking of meeting them, you will know whether or not they will actually be on the flight before you head out to the airport.

Pray with us and for us one more night to bring this "Journey to Austin & Logan" to completion.
We are forever grateful for the prayers and support that have carried us this far and we will celebrate with everyone once those little fellows have both feet firmly planted on USA soil.

Keep checking tomorrow and I will do my best to keep you informed.

A Grandma whose arms are aching to hold those babies - sleep will be scarce tonight, I think.


Anonymous said...

The day is finally here! Yippee! I see that you will be traveling through Charlotte. If you have any delays or problems, give me a call. You, Gary and the boys can stay with me! Can't wait to meet the little ones and see the family reunited in the USA soon. I will be back in Richmond the last weekend of July so keep some time open for me to stop by :)

Love ya,
Lisa Reid