Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally - a spare minute to post!

Wow! I can't believe it's been three weeks since we've been home! And I can't believe I've had my baby boys for over 6 weeks! I didn't even realize how much they've grown and changed in those six weeks until I thought back to when I first had them in June and that they were more wobbly on their feet than they are now. Lots of other changes too.

They have now doubled their vocabulary! They now say - "Ut-oh" , "Neh" (for "no" - usually said with a pointy finger and scrunched up face....just like Mom!) "Bye-Bye." All this added to their previous vocab of Mama, Da-da and Tota (for "pelota" which in Spanish is ball). We are just moving right along in our groove of things. Life is completely amazing and several times times I have broken out into tears right in the middle of doing simple little tasks like feeding them - I can't believe they are right here in front of me and I get to provide every little meal for them. I never thought this day would come. Or waking up in the morning - I'm overcome with emotion as soon as I wake up because I know all I have to do is roll over and see my two prince's in their bed. Putting them in their carseats, singing along with them, and the best yet we they get busy playing - all of a sudden they'll need a mommy check and will search the room for me and come running at top speed for a hug and a kiss, my heart just folds!

Okay - how do we tell them apart....well, at night or when it's busy, we don't. ;-) But for the most part Daddy, Evan and I can tell them apart with ease. To us, Logan is much skinnier and Austin is a just a wee more plump! For everybody else, Austin still has a nice little scar on his head that he acquired while living with the foster family.

Here, Logan is on the left and Austin is on the right. His little round scar is on "your" left hand side.

Logan on the left again, but you can't really see Austin... ;-)
Hmm, Logan is on the left yet again and austin on the right...and come to think of it, this is the way they sit in the car, too. Wonder what subliminal message is going on there?
Okay - so ,more pics, with some labels this time...

Logan "Hey, backin' up here, watch out!"
Austin making the "broom, broom" sound!

Daddy playing the keyboard with Austin...
...and then with Logan

In the pool at Grandma Barbie's..(this is Austin)
And Logan....
Grandma and Logan...Logan just finished saying "Woof, woof" to the doggies.
And Austin just finished saying "woof, woof"Oh, aint it cool to have big brothers! Evan and I were at Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping for new sheets for him. We each had one of the boys in their own cart because you can't fit two up front in just one. Evan grabbed a Velour blanket and threw it over Austin's head to play peek-a-boo....when he lifted up the blanket, this is what we saw..... ;-)

And moments before these pictures were taken, Austin and Logan were "helping" each other climb up the plastic box to reach the counter and play with the items on the counter. I didn't capture that, but thought these photos were still cute!!

"Go away, Mommy....We're playing..."

Okay - I'm off to bed, enjoy the pics. Thanks for all the praying and continued love and support we receive from all of you!


Home sweet home said...

Thanks for the update and as always I love seeing your boys sweet faces ...... keep the pics coming !!!!

ManyBlessings said...

Just for fun I looked back at your more recent posts from when the boys were mobile and could stand independently. In every single one where they're not being posed, etc, Logan is on the left and Austin on the right! That is amazing!!

They are looking so happy and healthy. :) You're obviously doing a great job over there mom!


Tam said...

I just love seeing the pics of the two of them! Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I check this site everyday to see if there is an update - and you just made my day!
They look like they are having so much fun and are just so happy!
I can not wait till we can play together!!!!

Lou said...

Such sweet boys!!! I wish we could have spent more time together in GC! Atleast we can always remember the meeting at the embassy...."HEY!, I KNOW THOSE BABIES!!!!"