Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just me....

No pictures! ;-) Gary has the camera with him this week while he and the (older) boys are on their mission trip in Guatemala.

It feels so weird to be here with all of them in Guatemala! We wanted to go, too! And it's been a little hard on everyone to be united for once and them separated so shortly after, but we won't have to wait too long to be reunited - 6 more days!

So, Austin, Logan and Mommy are alone again and go figure, I have become quite competent! Dishes - done. Laundry - done. House - semi clean. Boys - cleaned and dressed everyday! Mom - mostly showered, but at least, dressed everyday! Bills - paid. You get the point....

I even managed to put the twins down at 9:30pm tonight, a vast improvement on their pre-family departure of 11 - 11:30pm! Let's hope this trend continues once everyone returns.

Also glad to report that what little mourning/attachment issues the little guys were working out last week seemed to have dissipated. They were both waking up about 4 times a night (this after sleeping through the night in Guatemala and the first week or so home) to do a Mommy/Daddy check before being coaxed back to sleep. Initially we'd wake to very loud screams that took quite a time to comfort to a minimal cry out that was soothed by a pat or two on the back. We are now at Day 3 of sleeping through the night again...and this mommy is very grateful that her babies are feeling safe and content.

Other than that, the boys are doing just fabulous. They love to run and just "go" all the time. Everytime we go out, I hear "Whoa, those are very active little boys for 15 month olds." "Wow, they seem 'really' advanced in their mobility!" You're not kidding!! I've lost 15lbs since they were placed in my arms 7 weeks ago! Tee-hee, it's great!

Well - I'll try and get pictures soon and who knows if this 9:30pm bedtime keeps up, I may become a legit blogger again!

Thanks for the comments and for visiting!


Tam said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well. I hope I'm half as competent with my son when he comes home. I'm nervous about one (first time mom), let alone TWO!

Tara said...

Hi Embassy buddy! I was just thinking about you and the boys and wondering how everything was going. Austin and Logan look soooo happy and I'm sure you are too :)