Monday, February 27, 2012

Yellow Belts!

I know what you're thinking -
WHY we would arm these boys with MORE fight knowledge?
But - I was thinking along the lines of them learning some self-discipline - ya know, that sort of stuff.
Anyway, Austin and Logan's grandparents and us paired up to give the boys karate uniforms and 6 weeks of lessons as our Christmas gift.
Needless to say, the gifts were a HUGE hit!

And...there was some self-discipline learned in there.
Mid-February, they tested for their yellow belts.
Logan is the boy closest to us.
And Austin is the one further away.
Austin getting his certificate and belt.
My attempts to get better pictures after:

Not the best photos, the lighting sucked.  - but the memories of a wonderful adventure are there!
Next stop, baseball!


Bobbi said...

Great way to direct their energy!! Hoping to get Reese into this soon! Looks like they are really enjoying it.