Saturday, February 25, 2012


We recently went to the local museum and learned all about mummies!  Boy - I got a slight taste of what the teachers must go through on a daily basis!  I'm glad my boys like learning, but my oh my - the questions were non-stop!  ;-)

Our "old" neighbors, Sean and Ryan completed out the foursome on this trip!

 Sean (he's HUGE), Ryan,
Austin and Logan

Austin is in the red, Logan front and grey.
This picture cracks me up...and freaks me out! 

I just interviewed the
boys to see if they could
"add" to this post so that it's not just pictures!

Logan says, "We were REALLY freaked at first!"
and then he sang the Backyardigans song: "What's so fun about Ancient Egypt..."
He continued, "The symbols on their tombs means special stuff.  And I learned that they got wrapped in cloth. And that one of the mummies at the museum had a bowl stuck to his head where the oils had dried!  And afterward, me and Austin got scared of the Mummies because we had nightmares."
[..although, I don't think Austin really did!]

And after all of that, I asked Austin what he wanted to say about the day at the museum and he said,
 "We didn't have ANY snacks!!"
Tru dat, my little man. Tru dat!

But, we did have outside play time!

I think this is our second "cultural" experience in 5 years.  This time, nobody yelled at us like they did here!


Anne said...

Good for you for taking them to the museum. We rarely go to museums, but when we do the boys love it. I like the idea of interviewing them to see what they learned/retained.