Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up to it, Again!

Either I'm getting older or maybe it's more "tireder" -
Austin is still up to his old tricks, but I seem to be finding less humor in them!
I have documented some rather good ones and have enough for a post.
So, enjoy!

Said randomly one day, in the middle of doing nothing,
Austin: "Mom, when you die, can I have your Ipad? Oh, wait - or are you gonna have it with you, probably on your belly?  Well - if you don't take it, can I have it?  I know, don't tell me - first Mason gets it, then Evan, then Logan and then me.  Right?" 

(We have never talked about "leaving things" and I have no idea how he grasps the whole concept.  And I never got a word in, I just thought the whole thing was rather funny!)
Numbers! Numbers!  Austin memorizes all sorts of numbers - he knew his home phone number in no time.  He was all excited because he got a five digit lunch number at school.  Both boys love to tell me their bus number, their room number, etc. 

I did get a little concerned one day, however; when he started telling me EVERYONE else's lunch numbers!  I made him double pinky promise that he would never-ever try to use any of his friends' numbers at the lunch counter! 

Party time!
Austin came home from school one Friday talking about how he was going to have a party.
Told me who he was inviting, etc.
He bugged me about all night.
I tried to explain to him that these things had to be organized.
He responded that he HAD organized it!
Later that weekend, I checked messages,
(Even though we have a home phone, I never answer it and rarely check messages!)
There was a message left on Friday from a rather distraught mother.
Her child was insisting there was a party at Austin's that night that he had been invited to.
The kid had (been forced to) memorize our home phone number.
The child was so insistent that the mother thought she had missed something and her child just would not be consoled, so she embarrassingly called the number hoping to get clarity on the situation.
(After I stopped laughing,) I had a discussion with Austin about organizing parties and forcing kids to memorize his phone number.
Any else seeing some FUN teenage years in our future??


New lingo.
Austin now tells us he has a "Safety Tattle!" 
Apparently if someone (him) is in danger - you are allowed to do a Safety Tattle.


And lastly, I would like to document/record some of my recent Facebook status updates:

As a mother, I try to never miss a teaching opportunity! Austin, "Mom, you look Japanese." Huh? "With that thing on your head.".Me: "Austin, the culture you are referring to is 'Indian' and that thing on my head is a zit, not a traditional bindi worn as a Hindu symbol of marriage and prosperity."

Just talked to Nonnie - she's at home with the twins. She just "caught" Austin trying to ride his bicycle down the slide in the backyard! ;-) Poor Nonnie - she's going to have a heart attack watching these boys! Then, she sent me this picture - they buried their "Rocks" and created tombstones for them! ...they've only been home from school for 45 minutes!

Parent teacher conferences today. Both boys are doing well...but Austin's teacher looked so serious when she told us that she thinks he may be a little challenged with organization. I thought Gary and I were gonna fall out of our 12inch chairs from laughing so hard! That's kinda like saying the ocean may have some water in it!


Bobbi said...

I love all these little stories!! They continue to amuse me, and remind me that really one boy isn't that bad :)

You and Nonnie simply amaze me....oh, and Gary too!!