Monday, February 20, 2012

Blizzard of 2012!

We've spent most of this winter in short sleeves, yet....the snowgods shined down upon us and brought us a real snow storm this weekend!
After we got home from church, we had a real wet, icy snow.
But enough for Daddy and the boys to have a snowball fight!

Then, not much else happened.
Or rather, we sorta missed it.
Inside watching a movie, on the way to bed - this is what had happened outside!
I went to bed crying, SO upset because we hadn't taken the boys out in the snow, and the weather forecasters said with the warmer temperatures, it was going to melt quickly in the morning.

I had Gary wake me up at 5am!  I tried to wake the boys up.
But...they wouldn't bunch.
I let them be and at 7am, they woke up ran to the window, saw we still had snow on thr gound and
we ran out of the house and were on the hills by 7:19am! 

And dear lord! I must have dressed them TOO warm, because they never complained about the cold - not once!
Austin just fussed about his gloves every two seconds.
Our dear friends joined us.
And THREE HOURS later,
we finally got them to come in for hot cocoa and an insdie playdate.
By 1:30pm - the snow was gone!
What an AWESOME, AWESOME day!!

(And I learned that 8am sunlight makes for amazing photos!)
Logan -  blue, Austin - green
(Their Power Ranger colors!)

Now, we are fully ready for Spring!


Tracey said...

Thank goodness we got our snow in...wish we were closer on days like that so we could sled together...someday! Glad they had so much fun!

Anne said...

Such great pictures in that sunlight! We have had almost NO snow this winter, the boys hate it. I have been enjoying the Spring like weather but really wish we'd have enough snow to play in just once this winter.