Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Holidays just take on soooooooo much excitement and fun these days!!!
For Valentine's, Austin wanted to make birdfeeders - found a super easy way to do that, but haven't heard back from the birds, yet.
We mixed gelatin with the bird seed  and then filled cookie cutters.
Too cute!  If not a little sticky!

Logan wanted to make everyone special cards.
(Austin, left. Logan, right.)
They were intense with their car making!
And for Nonnie's card, Logan wanted me to make the BIGGEST heart that I could.

Then, a few month's back, the boys wanted Tinkerbell to have a birthday, so based on estimations, we calculated her birthday to be sometime in February...why not Valentine's Day!
(Why, yes it DOES say "Tink" and it does have a little pink paw print, too!)

HUGE side story: 
This is Cake 2 two.
Cake 1 exploded!
Yes...exploded! I had cooked the cake in a glass dish.   Then, set it on top of the stove...where I had just removed the pan with the melted gelatin for the bird feeders and suddenly, I had to duck a flying power ranger morpher that was being thrown at a brother in anger. I stopped to reprimand everyone...and in less than 5 minutes...KABOOM!  Exploding cake!   Cuz when ducking flying power ranger morphers, one tends to forget to turn off the stove.  And glass pans do NOT like to cook on the top of a burner.  Yikes!  Kids and I were just a few feet away. Thank GOD no one got hurt. Austin saw the whole thing - the cake got BIGGER and BIGGER and then when it exploded, and the glass went flying, he thought that ice had come crashing in through the windows!  He wants to me to "do it again!"  Logan, my angst filled child would like to move to another house where cakes don't explode!

Okay, so back to Tinkerbell's party.
Logan wanted her to have a bone cake that she could eat.
Don't ask me how to gods shined down on this one, but lo and behold, one was found.

[dang picture won't load, errrr]

Tink -
You are tiny. You are precious!
You hang with the boys for fun and play.
You snuggle down with all of us at night.
You wake us up withkisses each morning.
You greet us like we are the best thing to ever happen to you.
You are my only other female companion in the house.
I LOVE taking you to work with me!
I LOVE watching my big, burly husband run down the street after you, calling out "Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell!"  It really makes me giggle!
We didn't expect you. We weren't planning on you.
But you are such an awesome little addition to our family!
WE love you, and Happy Birthday, precious!

 (Logan, Austin, Tinkerbell and Nonnie)

Kisses for Logan.

Kisses for Austin.


Bobbi said...

Great idea for the bird feeders!!

OK, I am sorry but I can totally see the whole exploding cake. But, what a mess!!! I love how the boys are so different.

Tink sure looks like a special pup. Hope she enjoyed her cake :)

Tracey said...

We need to start working on a reality show for you...would have LOVED to see that! Cute, cute, cute on the VD and Bday stuff!!