Saturday, September 3, 2011

We miss our buds!

This summer, we have not spent nearly enough time with our best buds,
Van and Zak as we would like to.

But no matter when we do get together...

it's all energy,
it's all fun,
all the time!!

Introducing the latest world-reknown Unnamed famous baseball team!

 Van, Austin, Logan and Zak!

Team Pose!

Tracey and I met at a new park, one not affected by Hurricane Irene!
As we discussed how much of a "A Mommy Who Governs by Routine" we are not,
we had to laugh as at 4 o'clock the playground instantly became packed with families.
And by 5 o;clock , it instantly emptied again as those clearly on a schedule went home for dinner.

With the start of Fall and full-time school for three of our four pack,  not to mention various sports activities,
Tracey and I sure hope we come up with a way to increase our playdates!!


Bobbi said...

Summer is meant for no routines!!! I struggle in the Fall to get back on one with the school schedule. I hate it, and gight it all the way!!!

Tracey said...

it will just require us to becoming those "scheduling moms" that we envy so...I know we can do it!! Great that Van looks like a high! FYI, we did have a "real baseball game" in the front yard this week in your honor. Miss you, miss you, miss you. Can you believe this week is really here....