Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gone Fishin'

In the backyard, that is.
With magnets!

I find it's way less messy!

 Austin casting!

 Magnet man fishes!

With Nonnie's help, Logan catches one!

And for the record, the very next day, Daddy took the boys real fishing.
But sadly, no fish were caught!


Anonymous said...

You must be updating the blog more now that im gone? enjoying the posts!

Love ya!

Bobbi said...

Reese went real fishing today too!! He even helped filet the two that he caught and ate them!! Mama let Daddy be the hero on this one as he gagged his way through the bites!! AND, they cooked them on the grill----no fish smell in my house!!

I like magnetic fishing!!

Hannah said...

LOVE this!!!