Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is the Big ONE!

With the twins as active as they are,
I've been sort of forced to remain calm with their constant jumping, leaping, non-walking always running lifestyle.

I have always, always been afraid of heights, though.
Not for me, but for them.

We always rent beach houses that are 3 stories high and lined with decks and built-in benches.
I'm always freaked out that the twins are going to go over the ledge.

Malls, hotels, baseball games, bleachers, everywhere there are balconies - I see "danger!"
The twins favorite ride at the amusement park near us, is the "bucket" that you take across the park.
Because it's not an enclosed cage - and I always fear one of the boys standing up, leaning over too far -
and falling out.
God forbid!

Needless to say, skiing and those death defying ski lifts will never, ever be a part of our lives!

And then,
The other day,
on a random,
nothing special happening day,
Logan flipped over off the side of our backyard deck.

And I thought, "Dear Lord, THIS is the Big ONE!"
We have been spared numerous, upon numerous injuries.
We have only had two trips to the ER - one netted a staple in the head and one cost us an emergency room issued $100 tube of neosporin!

The other day, as we began our backyard fishing from the deck. 
I was getting Austin set up, when I heard Logan
from the corner of the deck.
He was standing on this bench and he had just leaned too far over.
His belly lay flat on the railing and his feet were still on this side (and he wasn't smiling like the stick figure is).
And as my heart dropped, I screamed his name and took a step towards him to grab him...
....only to see his feet go all the way over the edge...head first.

I screamed his name again and ran down the steps.
In those 2 seconds, I tried to prepare myself for a broken arm, a broken leg
...and prayed that he had not landed on his head or his back.
I came down, rounded the corner and became instantly confused
as my child
on the ground.


I heard him screaming, looked up and bless his little heart, he was clinging to the outside of the deck. 

God only knows how that child went head over heels over the balcony and had enough foresight and ability to grab the rail, hold on, plant his feet on the ledge and cling on for dear life.

I had to pry him off and together we both fell to the ground in a heap of crying mess. 
And of course, his first words to me were,
"Mommy - YOU did that!  YOU put the fish TOO far out!"

And who can argue with that!
Yes, I had expected him to wait for me, but this is my child and he is gonna forge ahead where there is potential fun and adventure!

I play the scene over and over again in my head.
And I still don't know how he did it!

It could have been so much worse!
And all he had was a scratch was where he had grabbed onto the rail during the flipping over.

And any and all guardian angels involved in that save!

Later that night, at bedtime,
he told me very seriously, "Mommy - I'm soooooo sorry I fell off the deck."
"Oh baby, it's okay.  You don't have to apologize.  Mommy thinks you are a hero because you saved yourself.  I am sooooo, so very thankful you held on to that railing!  You are one smart boy!!"


ManyBlessings said...

Oh. My. Word.

MY heart stopped reading this!! So glad he's ok!!!!

Bobbi said...

Yes, someone was watching over you all that day!! So glad all is ok----but it was obviously your fault!!! ;)

Those boys give me gray hairs just hearing the stories!!!

Laurie said...

OMG my heart would have stopped! Maybe there was a lesson learned! So glad he is OK!

Hannah said...

I can't believe that! My heart almost stopped just reading that! I am so glad he is ok.

Nikki said...

Heheh, oh my gosh!!

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