Sunday, September 25, 2011


Time for more funny, interesting and precious comments/actions by the Darling Duo!

Watching a movie on TV one day, the hero dog "dies" at the end, (I was quite PISSED!), but he (thankfully!) comes back to life!  Both boys were cuddled up into me, when Austin lifted his hand up to his face/eyes and wiped away tears.  I've never seen him cry at a movie before and when I said something, "Awww, Austin were you sad that the puppy died?"  I got a loud, vehement, "NO.  NO - I'm NOT crying, Mommy!!  There is just something in my eye!"
At their check up this year, both boys had to get 4 shots.  Logan wailed like no tomorrow!  The nurse promised them no more shots until they were 11.  As my life would have it, though - school called and said the boys were missing ONE shot and could not start school without it.  Logan was beside himself with this news!  He started screaming in the parking lot at the doctor's office and didn't stop for one second.  He even tried to "trick" me by saying, "Mommy, PLEASE take me back to the car.  I...I left something in there and we need to go get it."  Austin went first, got his shot.  And stayed in there with us while Logan got his.  While watching Logan cry in Armageddon fear, I once again saw Austin wipe away tears. Logan was on my lap, but I pulled Austin over to me and kissed his cheek.   "Oh, sweetie - are you crying for Logan?" 
Austin:  "NO, NO - I'm NOT crying, Mommy!  Your KISSES made my eyes WET!"

What is this?  What is it that a 5 year boy feels like he has to DENY crying?  Ugh, MEN!
Logan begs me for a Baby Girl Sister.  He is living his life as if this baby sister will be arriving any day - He has asked me to rearrange the car seats so that she can sit in the middle.  He has named her,  Ally.  He asks me several times a day when/where she is coming from. 

What does Austin say about this?
Austin says he wants a puppy instead of a sister.  He has named him, too - Buster. 

Random comment from Austin:  "Mom when you die, can I get your Ipad?"  

The boys "pray" to Santa, "Dear Santa, Please bring me/us a motorcycle for Christmas." 

(And on that note, I have told them that Santa listens to mommy's and daddy's and that if we say "No motorcycles" then, he won't bring them.   They still insist he will and they "pray" harder and more often!)

Cuddling in bed one rainy afternoon, Me; "Ugh, Austin!  Did you just fart?"
Austin, "No, Mommy - it's just your breath."


After a long, exhausting, power struggling day - Logan said on the way home, "Mommy, you've been awfully mean today."
And since they always complain when I leave the house to do anything by myself, "Well, then - so maybe you won't mind when I go to work tomorrow?"
Logan:  "No, Mommy, we still LIKE you!"
Austin, "Yeah, it's just your attitude that needs fixin."


My facebook status one day:
Future girlfriends, be warned!!  I just downloaded pictures from my camera and discovered that Austin and Logan hijacked my camera one day and took great joy in snapping pictures of their behinds.  If you are familiar with my household, you know that the same 5 year old boys do not like clothing, so these pics were of the x-rated variety!

One night, as we were saying our prayers, Austin and Logan began (once again) inundating me with questions about Heaven.  "Will we bounce around on clouds all day, Mommy?  "Mommy, if you go to Heaven first, will you visit us?  "Will we really, really get to see God in heaven, Mommy?  And Jesus?"
Logan asked, "But if you die, who will be our mommy?" "Oh, baby, I will always, always be your mommy, even in Heaven, sweetie!"

This went on for awhile, until Logan was obviously becoming a little more concerned about things.  "Honey, mommy's not sick, I'm pretty healthy, I'm not (that) old.  I plan on being around for a long, long time. Okay?"  Logan:  But, Mommy.....?    "Logan, I will be here for as long as you need me, baby."  Suddenly, his face lit up, he sat up, threw both arms around my neck and squeezed super hard, "Yay! Because I'm gonna need you forever, Mommy!"


The day after hurricane Irene, the boys and I were driving to a park.  I told them to look out the windows and see who could spot fallen trees.  I saw a HUGE tree down, the roots were easily 15 - 20 feet wide.  "Look, boys - there's a HUGE tree down!  Wow!"  Austin yells, "JESUS!"  and I almost wrecked the car!  Nonnie had been staying with us during the hurricane since she had no power and I immediately figured he had picked up the language from her!  "Austin, sweetie, why did you yell 'Jesus,' sugar, when you saw the big tree?"  Austin: "JESUS!, Mommy! Jesus!"  "Well, I know, honey...but um, WHY are you saying that dear?"  "Mommy, Jesus!  I saw THREE crosses back there.  Jesus!  Remember, Mommy?  He died on a cross for US.  JESUS!"

**Updated to add, In Nonnie's defense, she does not actually ever take Jesus' name in vain!  I can't say the same thing about his father, but she doesn't mess with Jesus!    ;-) 
My dear friend Karen and her family taught us "Yellow Car!"  on the way to the beach this summer.  Since then, Austin and Logan have been relentless shouting out "Yellow Car!" every. time. we see one on the road.  Relentless!


The boys and I were playing baseball in the street the other day.  Austin dropped his ball. "Dammit!"
I looked at him.  He looked at me. 
Austin: "Nonnie says 'dammit." He explained. 
Logan chimed in, "Yeah, our whole family says dammit!"

Austin, "Except Daddy.  And Daddy says we shouldnt be saying it."
M: "Yeah, well, you shouldn't.
Austin, "Dammit"
Me: "Austin, please stop."
Austin: "I just wanted to get my last one out, Mommy."

One day before school started, I was explaining to Logan about collecting "Box Tops" for his school.  Next thing I knew, he had pulled out about 1/2 the pantry's content and ripped up boxes were strewn about my kitchen floor.   
*Note to self, explain "collecting" AFTER the item has been consumed!"

Logan threw an all out, full on force melt down at the mall.  The boys are getting too big for me to "man-handle" and/or carry them during their episodes, so it took us quite a while to get out to the car.  Nonnie and Austin were going to run to one more store, and I was supposed to move the car to a closer spot to pick them up.  I could not get Logan strapped in, so he just rode in the front seat beside me, screaming, yelling, kicking and thrashing.   While we were driving through the parking lot, he yelled something else to me.  "What baby?  Mommy can't understand you."  Between hyperventilating, he yells it again, "Mrmphcrhgh!! Mommy!"  ??  Logan, I'm sorry.  I know you are frustatred, but Mommy just cannot understand you."  "Yellow CAR!!!  Mommy!"
Can I tell you I was speechless!?!  This is how obsessed they are with the "game!"  In the middle of a complete mess of emotions, He still needs to get the "yellow car!'  I thought it was hysterical! 
Mixing up phrases a little bit:
Logan walks up to me one day and hands me a piece of paper, Mommy this will break you heart!
I open it up and it was a note to me, "I heart Mommy."


You know that kid in tv show,  The Middle?  The one who whispers to himself all the time?  Well, Austin does this thing where he strikes a karate stance and "whispers" Tae Kwon Do.   I dont know why, but I absolutely cannot stop laughing when he does it.  He tells me it's because he is sneaking up on his enemies and he wants to surprise them with his fight method ;-)  One day as I was having fits of laughter watching him do this over and over again, he asked me, "Mommy, are you all cracked up?"

I hesitate to write this one, but this is our live. goes.

In the car, Logan says: "Mommy, I really, reaaly, really, really, really, wanna go home and snuggle-up with you and your big, fat, ginorous boobies!
Austin:  "You're not supposed to say "fat" Logan."
"BUT, Austin - They ARE!  They are SO big and comfy!!  I just LOVE Mommy's boobies!"

I just chose not to even respond to the conversation.

And if you hung around this long, here are a few pics of my precious, cursing, boob-lovin' kids:

 Their first real, official sleepover at their best buds house (the neighbors that abandoned us!)
(I'm still working on my feelings on that issue!)
 They always seem to find each other in the middle of the night!

Some call it a basketball hoop.  We call it a launch pad!

 Ever jump on a wet trampoline?  It's really loud, gives a whole different kinda bounce!

My love bugs!


Amy said...

omg, those boys are so funny, just love them more because they have some scarcasm! :)

Nonnie said...

Love this post EXCEPT for the parts that make me sound like a "cursing sailor" - I never, never say "Jesus" as a swear word. I have to admit that "dammit" may sometimes show up in my vocabulary, but I think someone needs to clarify this post a little.
(Still love you, daughter)

Hannah said...

I am laughing so hard. Between your giant boobies and the cursing Nonnie ;) I just cracked up :)

For the record, Sophia is obsessed with boobs. She asked for a pair for her birthday...and she calls mine long...she used to get big and long mixed up...I promise ;)

Tracey said...

I can't decide which is my many funny choices. Boobs and cursing are right up there for sure! By far my favorite part of the post is that heartwarming pix of hand holding while sleeping. Oh the love of sweet it is!

Bobbi said...

Nonnie, she did make you sound like a cursing sailor. Damn that daughter of yours :)

OK, each time I thought this is my favorite........there was a new one!! OH, the boobies.....that's too funny. boys do love them, don't they!!

I love that you blog these. First, they make me laugh, second they make me think my life isn't the only one!!

Twins.....they need each other when they sleep. That is precious. Cassie's friends who are twins still sleep together and snuggle....though they don't like to admit it!!!

Helene said...

I love your posts like this!! Your boys are hysterical and also sooooo sweet!!!!

I love that they hijacked your camera and took pics of all kinds of interesting body parts. My kids have done that too...but of course they don't tell you until you're finally uploading the pics. I found myself saying things like, "Okay, whose butt crack is this? And who's penis is that?" Really? Is this really my life now???