Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yep - it's HERE!
First day of school for my little ones.

I do believe they were more excited today than they've ever been on Christmas - or at least it was darn close to the same amount of enthusiasm!

I had barely said, "Good Mor'...." when Logan threw back the covers, hopped outta bed, and was half-way dressed before I finished my greeting.

He ran to the window.  Confirmed that it was "dark" like Mommy and Daddy said it was going to be.
And ran to wake Austin up.
Austin, too - flew outta bed, ran passed me, got dressed, ran downstairs for his backpack.

Time elapsed since waking them:
45 seconds.

Stall time!
I had prepared for at least a good 30 - 40 minute spread.

So, we filled the extra minutes by calling our Grammy and Grampy in Maine.
And snapping some pictures:

 Logan, left.  Austin, right.

We woke up to a very, very rainy morning.
So, we drove the van to the bus-stop.

Two over-the-top excited boys!

 I'm not proud to admit it, but they did CUT in line BIG time, to load that golden mecca of a school bus!

And I attempted to snap a picture of them on the bus, but that didn't quite come out.

I heard them tell the bus drivers, "But we're brothers."
And she said, "Well, just for today, sit where you are and then we'll make sure we put you together."
They seemed very agreeable to that.

Their bus comes extra early.  It's a first run.
So, we've signed them up to eat breakfast at school.
Then, on the way down the kindergartener hall,
Austin will drop Logan off and then head to his classroom!

Action pay day, snacktime, recess, lunch -
Where none-other than NONNIE-The-Great will be volunteering as a lunch lady!

Can't wait to hear about their day!

 Austin and his teacher.

Logan and his teacher!

No tears....yet.
for me. 


Nonnie said...

So proud of my "big" boys - can't wait to hear about their first day at school. They look adorable.
Hurry up, lunchtime, so I can see them.

Karen Peebles said...

LOVE THE POST!!!! They look adorable! Seeing them on the bus made me cry! xoxo -
Nonnie - you are very brave to volunteer as a lunch lady! Can't wait to hear how the day went! :)

Greta Jo said...

Too cute! Have a great year boys. I drove Carson to school as the private school does not have a bus. Anyway, I sat in the parking lot crying like a baby wondering if I should go back into the school to make sure he was ok. I've been passing around the house all morning with the baby wondering about his day already.

I am sure Austin and Logan will have a wonderful day. Hats off to Nonnie :)

Tracey said...

Wow...they look so darn grown up in their kindy dudes!! Super cute. Hope they are having a blast....sure of it. Kuddos to you for no tears. I waited till the bus pulled away but Zak cried before me.

Bobbi said...

I just cried!! They looked so big----and a little bit happY!! Hope their first day was fantastic, and how great that Nonnie will be volunteering at lunch!!

The pics were great, and I loved the family photo! Glad they will be able to sit together on the bus...for now anyway!!

I was wondering if they would have different teachers. I think that is good, they can have their own identity and space. Cassie's best friends are identical twins, and becuase of school size were in the same classes until two years ago. They do everything together, including going to friends houses, and they don't seem to be separate. I think it's good for them to have their own space. But, Cassie doesn't like to invite one and not the other......doesn't want to hurt their feelings!!

Our babies are growing up, mama!

Guatmama said...

I thought it might be time! Looks like they did great. We are on week 3 and still jumping out of bed, I don't think that will last forever wink!

Helene said...

Awwwww, they seem so big!!!! How fun that they get to ride the bus to school!!

So, they're in different classes? How do you think they'll do? Cole and Bella were together in kindergarten but have been in separate classes ever since. They love it but I'd prefer them to be in the same class. Garrett and Landon were together in preschool last year but they're separated this year. Landon loves it, Garrett hates it. Sigh...

I hope every school morning goes as smoothly as this one did for you!!!

Hannah said...

They are so big and so adorable!! I can't believe they are school boys now. I'm gonna go cry.