Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Or maybe, I should title this post

 Back at my Godson's baptism, we were leaving the reception and
Logan ran back into the house hollering, "Oh wait - I forgot to say good-by to my girlfriend!"
He ran up to a (much older) 6 or 7 year old little girl and 
actually asked her out on a date - to Arby's.
Looking around for me,
"Mom - can you drive us?"

He then bugged me for about week to call and until he (lucky for me) forgot about it!

At the beach this summer with our friends,
Austin fell head over heels with another little girl vacationing with us.
After spending all day with her, he came out to the pool and said,
"Mom - I've packed a bag and I'm moving downstairs to the girls' room so I can be with my new friend."
I didn't pay too much attention until
At the end of the week, when I was packing up,
I found his little knapsack (empty of the toys it originally carried)
 in the girls' room
And he had packed accordingly:
A clean pair of undies, a pair of pj's, one bathing suit, some tanning lotion (okay, sun block)
and one stuffed animal.


At another friend's birthday party, Logan and Austin had both taken favor to yet another (and again older) cutie-pie and as we were leaving the skating rink - Logan was holdng my hand, but turned around to blow his little girlfriend quite a few kisses as she was getting into her Mommy's car!

At their preschool, Austin and Logan's best friend is a
little girl who also just happens to be adopted from China
She is turning 5 this month.
(so again, an older woman!)

She takes great care of them at school
and when they talk about her,
they say,
"Anna is our girlfriend."


 Modeling their Puppy hats, gifts from Nonnie from "You Nork City!"

For real, could any girl resist these faces!?!




Helene said...

I absolutely love reading your Austin/Logan stories. They crack me up!

You have some serious heartbreakers right there!!! So funny that they love the older girls.

Cole still hates girls. And Bella has already announced that she hates boys and will only marry a girl. She's pretty adamant about it, too. I told Tim he better just get over it and deal!

Melinda said...

That is too funny! They learn so young! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

Nonnie said...

What cutie pies - I sure do love these guys - they make my world go 'round.

Tracey said...

WOW...those photos are awesome!! of course the cute hats only add to the awesomeness!! Love that Anna is "their" girlfriend...too funny!!

Anne said...

Too funny! And super cute pictures. Luke is also into the ladies. But he goes for 14 and older and usually blondes. He keeps inviting girls to his birthday party, saying "I love you so much. Want to come to my party? It will be so crazy."

Hannah said...

They are too much! I am so in love with their puppy hats...they are adorable in them.

I'm telling you, you are IN for it. Dmitry asked his first girl out when he was 3...she was 18! He asked her if she wanted to go eat at McDonalds and then go for a ride on his grandpa's boat :) She got married about two years later and he danced with her at her wedding. He told her she looked beautiful and asked her to wear "that dress" when they got married :) Now he has girls calling him, chasing him, and just in general annoying his mother. You should invest in a BIG bat!!

Bobbi said...

HA!! Look out ladies!! I love that he packed his bag. That was too much!!