Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Construction site!

We're gettin' a pool!!

Okay, no, not really.

Our neighbors are!

Austin and Logan have been out everyday
instructing the diggers.

And finally, somehow connived their way over there
to..ya know..
help out!

The boys were in the zone! 
Couldn't have been happier!

We are being told the pool will get LIFTED over the HOUSE one day this week!! 
We will have the trucks...and the cameras ready for THAT!

(Suzanne - recognize those trucks!?!)


Helene said...

I'm so envious of your neighbors!! I wish we were getting a pool!

So since the boys helped dig the hole, does this mean they'll be able to go swimming any time they want? LOL!!!

Steph said...

Awesome!!! It looks like the boys are trying to earn some pool time! :)

OVER THE HOUSE???? Holy cow! You gotta post pics of that!

Tracey said...

They look SO big...yikes! Cannot wait to see them again. Too cute...those little workers. Aren't they gonna LOVE having a pool nearby?

Hannah said...

Aw man...Can I come stay with you guys? I'm sure your neighbors would understand if we had a mini-Guat-Tot pool party!!

Bobbi said...

OOOHH, neighbors with cool pool! That's awesome!!

Love that they got to help....and when the pool comes...........too cool