Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amusing stories!

Time for some funnies!!

Logan had his first solo sleep over at Nonnie's earlier this year.
On the way home from dropping him off,
Austin, sniffed out a "I sure miss my brother. When I get home, I'm gonna write him a letter.
'Dear Logan, will you still be my brother?'"


Later that night, Nonnie called us (on speaker phone) and gave us a run down of the evening,
"We bathed, ate a snack..."
Logan grabbed the phone from her and said,
"And I just farted!"
And we could hear his peels of laughter.
Austin's response,
"Logan, I don't want to hear that type of language. Goodbye."


From some tv show or movie somewhere out there,
Austin picked up a common phrase,
"Holy Shucks!"
'Cept the boy's, um, shall we say, "unigue" accent really, really messes with it
and he turns the "shucks" into two syllables, as in:
"Holy Shi'ucks"
'Cept he really, really accents the first syllable
and the second syllable sounds more like a soft/whimpy barely there "itz.'
Can you put it together?
Or do you need me to?

Imagine going shopping and hearing a loud, excited
"Holy Shi (itz) - its a BUZZ Lightyear SHIRT!"



Overheard in the car one day,
Austin: "Logan, did your coach put a penny in your butt?"
I about wrecked the car.
And could not figure out what the heck was going on.
Until I remember that the coach had everyone tuck in a jersey
(or a penny, those lightweight mesh things)
into their shorts and then all the kids ran around
chasing each other and trying to grab each other's "pennys!"

After a pretty lengthy phone call in the car
I hung up and told the boys they had been amazing
that they're behaviour while I was on the phone was super
and I really, really appreciated it
Logan said, "Well, we was just trying not to distract you and make you frustrated."
Wow - Logan. Thanks!
"Yeah, that's a really big word for me: Frustrated."


Sometimes, there's no dodging the twin-competition thing.
A long time ago, I made a decision not
focus on who's the oldest
And since it is one of the questions we are always asked right away,
I'm glad we don't "know" (read: focus on) the answer.
However, physical traits aren't so easy to "hide"
The other day, Austin said,
"I'm not scared, but that's because I'm just a little bit taller than Logan.
Right, Mommy?"


(My whole point of this is that on their own,
Austin and Logan would have no idea who's taller..or older, for that matter.
This is something they have heard over and over again when people try to explain "who's who."
And I am very protective over the boys trying to get as much
of a sense of individualism about themselves as possible,
without the "Which one's brighter? Who's the smarter, the faster, the funnier ONE"
And always being compared to the other.
But that's a whole 'nother post for another day.
I just thought it was funny that despite my efforts, Austin had found a way to one-up himself!)


Austin asks politley from the back seat, "Mom can I have a piece of candy?"
Wow - thanks for asking Austin!
As I turn around, I see Logan halt a mid-chew movement
Logan, what are YOU eating?
He smiles.....(knowing he had not asked permission)
...a...piece....of candy....
Logan, why didnt you ask?
He pauses. Thinks and then grins from ear to ear...
'cause I wanted to SURPRISE you, Mom!

The kids at church were trying to figure out how to tell the twin's apart
and our like-a-neice-to-me friend, Grace says,
It's easy. Just listen to them talk.
Grace: "Logan, say "Hi."
Logan: "Hi"
Grace: "Austin say "Hi."
Austin: "Hi'ya"
Grace: "See?"


Christina said...

I love love love your funny stories! I still laugh when i think about the smell in the house, and the xmas tree. I have got to start spending time with you and the boys. I love the holy schucks, and the penny in the butt. I busted out laughing.

Melinda said...

Those are too funny! I love listening to kids talk and see their little brains working! They are so amusing!!

Hannah said...

They are so cute! I want to bite them. I want to bite you too. Oh, and I just farted. :)

{not really!}

Bobbi said...

Ok, they were all cute, but I like the HOLY SHUCKS!! Been there as Reese has the speech delay--translation: areticulation disorder. Let's just say he replaces F's alot...and then again, he doesn't say those real clear...but at the right times he seems to. Especially now that my Mom has taught him "FART" clear as a bell!!

Seriously, how do you keep a straight face with these two?

Tracey said...

Okay those are awesome. I can't decide if the fart, the frustrated or the penny is my favorite. Hi-larious...hope your turkey day was just as fun and funny! Let's play tomorrow!!