Monday, November 15, 2010

Four Boys!

Tracey has been so generous with her time
and sharing lots of Zak with us!

We have truly, truly been missing our Triplet Van and his mommy.
And of course, we have major Zak-addiction!

Getting this foursome together is just as full-on energy as we knew it would be.
Today, we opted for a round of what the Mommies refer to as
"Speed Golf"

All excited and ready to go!
 Austin, Zak, Van and Logan

 Tracey and her baby boy!

 "They were here somewhere!  I saw them.  There were three of them!"

Logan took one club to the head from Austin's swing.
Zak kept up with ease and enjoyed putting his foot in the hole and giggling.
And Austin was the only one who attempted to listen to the Mommies
by restarting or "reversing" back a few holes to lengthen the fun when we prodded.
Alas, It's just TOO exciting not to race to the end!
Van was the clear winner!
Six minutes after first teeing off, we had easily flown threw the 18 hole course!

Not ready the call it a day,
we headed off to an empty field to let the boys
run off their energy.
Problem is, we forgot a ball.
So, we improvised.
And played "Grab it!"

Each boy got "something" to stick on them that the mommies could run after them and grab.
We actually switched things up a lot and had the "items" in our back pockets.
The boys all chased each other.
The boys chased the mommies.
The mommies chased the boys.

The mommies got lots of exercise.
And yes, Daddy's - we took pictures.

Austin and Logan assisting Zak with his "playing piece" shall we call it.
I have a funny feelin' "Grab It" is going to be a game that sticks around for a long, long time!


Enjoying an afternoon of tons of fun, giggles, shrieks and laughters


Melinda said...

Ha Ha!! Again, you win the Best Mom award!! Grab It sounds like something Crista and my hubby would do! Thanks for putting a smile on my face so early on a Monday morning :-)

Samantha and Woody said...

I have a feeling your boys would approve of the verse our boys added to wheels on the bus... "The diapers on the bus go on the cute bums..."

Anne said...

We may have to use your game. Love the pictures. I laughed when I realized you did not mention the undies on the heads and I did not question them being there...

Christina said...

I really need to get in on this fun. Love all their faces!

Guatmama said...

I heart this! Looks like they have been and will be buddies FOREVER!

Cheryl Lage said...

COMPLETELY Makes My Monday in ever so many ways! GREAT shots of the quads. ;)

Thank you so much for playing along!

Tracey said...

Okay you win the awesome photos award for sure...these are so great! So many smiles and what a blast. Yes we have now played "grab it" with flashlights and socks and of course we are only wearing undies! How funny is this bunch?

Steph said...

Haha! Looks like fun! I am super jealous of all this boy love you got!

Hannah said...

That is PRICELESS!!! I love it!