Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for tidbits!

More stories from the fascinating days of 4 year olds.

Overheard in the bathtub.  Austin, talking on a "penquin":  "Hold on, Mom - I'm gonna call ya back. She's sending me an e-mail."   Logan, talking on a "boat": "Oh, she's texting me now."

I should be glad there was no mention of facebook or bloggin! 

One day, I tried to  explain to Austin (and Logn) why Daddy works so much - Daddy works hard so that we can have all the things we need:  food, our house, gas for the car...etc.
A few dys later, Austin didn't want me to leave for work.  He ran up me, put his arms around me and was crying:
"Don't go to work:  We don't need to buy things.  You don't need to buy me anything." 


Logan questioning Daddy (also during bathtime), "Dad, do you still love us when you're mad?"  Yes.  "Do you still love us when we don't behave?"  Yep, I'll always love you. 

Logan turns to Austin, "Wow!  Just like Mommy!"

We stopped into Daddy's Arby's one night and a super sweet service/repairman and I got to talking.  Of course, he had been lulled in by the ever active and outgoing never met a stranger sons of mine.  But after about 10 minutes of conversation, Austin turned to him and rather loudly said, "I thought you were working?"

Nice.  Thankfully, we both laughed!
On the way home, I was talking to Austin on the phone.

"We just had a water fight with Daddy.  It was us gainst him.  It was SO much fun, Mommy!"

"Oh - that's awesome baby!  Did you guys do this inside or outside?"
"Um - inside"

I cringed, "Oh Austin!  Is there water everywhere?  Did yall make a mess?

He quietly responded with a little giggle "I'm jest kiddin' ya, Mom!  We didn't have the water fight inside!"  hahahahaha!

.....And the torch has been passed!
One evening, I hear the pitter patter of little feet that should have been asleep.  When I get to the stairs, I see Austin in a heap at the top, half asleep laying on the floor, butt up in the air,

"Austin, WHY are you up, sweetie? Why aren't you in bed."
Fully awake, he lifts his head, brows furrowed because I would even ask this question, he states the obvious, "Because Mom, I  need a snugglebunny."  (something I say ALL time when I want some precious cuddle time!)
We have no alleries (Thank you, God!).  So I'm surprised at the next two statements:
Austin playing on his Leapfrog gamester (something they rarely do).  "I'm allergic to this game.  It's boring on my DS." and walks away with the tude of a sulky teenager!

Logan shouts out, "Don't touch that - it's allergic!" when Austin was "playing" with an electric socket. (Why DO they place those right at EYE level on the side of the kitchen counter!?!)

Glad it's not just me: Logan got "kick-out" of a gymnastics class. What for...(wait for it)....not listening!

Gary has a talking'to with Logan and says he won't be able to go to gymnastics anymore if he can't listen to the coach.  Austin will have to go by himself,

Logan seems unphased, but Austin shouts out, "Nut'-uh. That's just not possible!"

Both boys have a killer sense of direction.  Last year when we were in California, Austin could tell us how to get to my aunt's house when we missed the turn! 

Logan always lets me know "we've never been down this street before"  "This is the way to Mommy's meeting"   "this is the way to Gould's Gym (really Gold, but not the way they say it!)  

It doesn't matter if it's been two years, they'll know the way we're going!  


Adam's (there new sitter) observations after two days with them:
They can put away SOME food!
They go and go and go
Logan is obsessed with basketball
They have a REALLY good memory!

Have I mentioned that Logan is OBSESSED with sports!

Every morning, his first words are about some sport,
"Mommy, is today my first soccer game?  What team am I gonna be on?  Can I go run the bases today?"
He can recognize a team jersey anywhere...and always shouts it out to every person wearing it.
"You're a football player for ...."  "That's a (name of high school) basketball jersey!"
He will sit and watch sports on TV all by himself.
And yell at the tv
and pic a team to root for
and a favorite player
and he usually picks the best ones.

This fall will be the first time they will be on an official team. An organized sport.  Other than the basketball "camp" they had last winter.  They will be playing soccer.  I know it's going to begin a LONG journey of never ending seasons and practices and running around....I'm glad we haven't do it until now!
Southern accent!

My boys' accent are so thick I can't even understand it some days!

Logan especially.  He now says "er" for "are"  "Where 'er we going Mommy?"

This morning while watching tv, he said, "Mommy, will you buy my a kick for my birthday?"  Austin and I kept asking him what a "kick" was?  I finally figured out he meant "cake" - but Austin demanded to know "Well, why did you say kick Logan if you wanted a cake?  Why not just say cake?"  ;-)

We also say "Te amo" for I love you.  Logan likes to say this several times a day, but he always stumps me, when he will randomly blurts out, "Tiger'mo, Mommy.  Tiger' mo!"  He really, really says it that southern!

Logan also likes to hold up the signing language sign for "I love you" - where you hold your middle and ring fingers down and the others left up represent the I the L and the U.  During their preschool musical when Logan saw me, he held up those three fingers and waved his hand back and forth to me.  I thought it was SO precious until my brother leaned over and say "Isn't that the devil worship sign?"   Noooooooooo! 

Logan alwasy says he's gonna marry me!  Then, when he gets mad at me, as he scuffs away, arms folded across his chest, he'll turn back around with a scrunched up face and shout, "I'm NOT gonna marry you, Momma!"   
To which I alwasy reply, "Well, I'm still gonna marry you!"
My words again:
Both boys like to remind me of my "responsibilities" and "consequences" and "priviledges."  It's just so funny to me to hear these big words come out of my little babies mouths! 


And FINALLY, I'll leave you with a special little lullaby Austin sang his baby kitty (Logan).  He sang it very sweetly and quite beautifully.  They were on the floor and I was in the chair with my laptop open, so it's typed word for word. 

"When the winddddddd,
blowsssssss you out
'the street
and then
walk abyyyyyyy kitty
rock-a-by kitty.

Gooooooo to sleep
go to sleep
on the street
then the wind blows offffffffff
then it bringssssss you
to go to a house
thennnnnnnn you slept.

Then the winddddd
And thennnnnn you went to Santa Clause
Then he flew you out of the wind
whennnnnnn the wind
Then the wind
 cries for the night
then the sun rose today
and then the water fountainnnnnn
came on my kitty
then it FELL way on my kitty! 

When the blowssssssssssss"


Cheryl Lage said...

They are SOOOOO funny! (Love the waterfight fake-out!) You will HAVE to play along with Missy at Two Little Monkeys' Say What Wednesday. :)

Have a great weekend!

Tracey said...

Okay that song is awesome! I wanna hear it in person...wind is obviously a big deal for Austin...too funny!!

Hannah said...

That was awesome!! I wish I could hear them in person!!

Sophia swings between a british/jersey accent and southern/jersey accent. Cracks me up!

Bobbi said...

I always love these! They are such characters. Certainly keep you on your toes. I don't know how you do it. Reese does me in!!