Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Impromptu Mini-Vay-Cay

Gary's car broke down. 
And he needed to hijack my car to get to the beach....to chaperone Evan's senior beach trip.
Rather than stay home alone with no car....we hopped in the car heading to the beach!

Evan was not thrilled.  ;-)
But, he recovered and actually came to the hotel we were staying at
for some swim time and got a good meal out of the deal, too!

Daddy and his boys at the beach!

Bee-YOU-Tee-FUl sunset!  I LOVE this time of the evening at the beach!

So do the boys, they wanted to go to sleep here!

"Here, Gary - lets take a self portrait!"

Logan at the pool!

Austin at the pool!

Riding their "bikes" in the pool! 

Austin surfin'

Logan just finished ridin' a wave!
(Both boys thought the salt water tasted GREAT! 
They "drank" it and licked their fingers ALL day long! ewwww!)

Logan jumping the waves with Daddy!

I call this one "Mommy, the human towel."

And here's me with the boys before an awesoem Putt-Putt adventure!!   


We had a great time!  Super relaxin'.  We don't get much down time or away time. 
And very little "family" time (Gary's and my days off never coincide).
So, this spur of the moment trip was an incredible blessing! 

"Special" memories/notes of the trip...

On the way there (5.5 hour drive), we stopped for lunch and Austin and Logan who have been going through the "I'm over you" stage of their relationship had a lit "run-in" at the Mc D's.
While we were waiting for our food (to go), some sort of "issue" developed over a straw
(never mind that Mc D has 1,000's of straws - the each wanted this ONE straw.)
Anyway, Austin took off running and Logan pulled the old "flip the foot"
that sent Austin sprawlin' right in front of all of the other customers. 
Knowing the battle was lost, I was trying to get the keys from Gary
and Gary is trying to point out to me that the kids are going crazy.
In the meantime, Austin gets up and retaliates against Logan
with a full-force shove sending him flying the other way.
Keys, Gary.
Donna!  The kids are attacking each other.
(And I'm spilling both of their drinks STILL trying to pry the keys out of Gary's hands).
Suddenly, the look on Gary's face drastically changes to horror
about the same time I hear loud GASPS coming from behind me. 
I turn to see the horrid looks of customers and Austin sprawled out on the floor again. 
By this time, I've finally wrestled the keys away.
Kept composure and just started walking out of the door.
I do take the time to smile calmly at the woman who hasn't bothered to close her mouth yet.
My look simply said, "All in a days work for me."
Later, I asked Gary what I had missed behind me.  He said that Logan body tackled Austin. 
At the pool yesterday, Logan was snuggiling under a towel on my lap and suddenly held up his arm,
"Mom - am I brown?  Is I?"
During the trip, Austin and Logan resumed best friend status and for the first time EVER,
played by themselves ALL day long.
People always tell me how lucky I am to have twins "that play with each other."
They don't realize that Gary and I are still expected to play with BOTH of them ALL the time. 
So, it was really, really neat to sit back and watch them entertain themselves. 
We also got sunburned because of it. 
At the Mongolian restaurant, Austin loudly asked the waitress "Why are you so short?"
Both boys kepts repeatingly telling us how THANKFUL they were for their vacation!
;-)  Us too, boys!


Tracey said...

So glad you got to go! Family days are much too precious. More mom pix this summer...we hear ya!!

Hannah said...

What a fun unexpected blessing! So fun :)

I am loving your moments from the trip. I am glad to know that you are expected to play with your kids all day too. Mine drive me nuts. They expect me on the floor all day every day. I DO play with them but they seem to find offense at the fact that I expect to actually eat, pee and sleep...it takes time from them :)

Laurie said...

Looks like so much fun! Those boys are the most adventuresome 2 I have ever seen! They take fearless to a whole new dimension! :)

Guatmama said...

Nothing like a beach get away, especially when the kids entertain themselves -wink!!

Tina said...

They are just too cute!! I want an impromptu vacation. Looks like y'all enjoyed yourselves.

Bobbi said...

Again, tears from laughing!! I can just see the McD's scene!!

They are such daredevils in the pool. Reese still just barely gets his toes wet. He's such a momma's boy!!

Sometimes impromptu is the best thing. Glad you are all having fun:>) And, that Evan has forgiven you.

Deb said...

What a fun time! :)

Great pictures! How do you get to write under each picture you post? Am I missing a setting or something?