Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No.....not yet.

All these months, have you been sitting at home wondering
if Austin and Logan suddenly became better dressers?

Well, that would be a definite...nope!

Austin modeling size 24 months shorts?  Striking grey socks paired with brown shoes.

Logan choosing a bright ensemble of orange and red, accented with Halloween socks.

Next up, Logan (on the left) appears fairly conservative,
but he did sneak in a pair of my footies that hang way over his shoes.
Austin chose a patriotic theme for the day.

I just don't have the words.  
I asked him a few times...
Why?  Why the socks, Austin? 
But I never got a response....

And, the piece de resistance?

Yep, this little outfit got us quite the attention/comments on an evening trip to Chick Filet!

Sadly, the boots accompany several outfits these days.

Are they super hero boots?  Nope.
Astro boy boots?  Nope.

Then, why? you ask?

Duh!  Because. 
his "Comfy shoes!" 


Hannah said...

They are so funny. I think it might be a little boy thing to dress so "unique" :) I remember one time Dmitry came outside in long underwear with shorts over top and flip flops. I can't remember if he even had a shirt on. I think he was about six years old so you might be in for a long haul :)

Samantha and Woody said...

I have seen the future
and it is not pretty...

Samantha and Woody said...

PS What do you (or they) say when asked if they are identical or fraternal? I always feel so silly saying I don't know; I think I'm just going to say fraternal

Helene said...

Donna, why oh why can you not live closer to us??? Your boys remind me so much of Landon and Garrett. They dress themselves all the time, in boots in the middle of 100 degree weather...nothing matches, nothing makes sense. Except to them, that is.

Could you imagine the laughs we'd have watching all the boys running around together in their too warm, mismatched outfits?

You know, though, someday we'll be happy that they are proud to be individuals. When they're in high school and being pressured to go with the crowd, we'll be happy they chose to wear those bright orange shirts with fur-lined boots!

Bobbi said...

Ok, the boots took it!! But, they do coordinate nicely with his shorts:>)

Have they seen what not to wear???

Bobbi said...

But, I think they are adorable in whatever they wear:>)

OH, and Reese could wear those 24 month shorts:>)

Deb said...

<3 those boys!