Monday, June 14, 2010

A milestone!

OKay!  I am SO excited!! This is HUGE!!

So....I've never seen Austin or Logan really draw a picture before. 
I even checked with their preschool teacher and she said that both boys had noticed other kids drawing and wanted to do it, but hadn't done anything yet.

I was thrilled when (LATE last night) Austin sat on the kitchen floor and with great focus and concentration set out to draw
"Mommy, a turtle, a lion and a Princess castle."  ;-)

He worked for a while and eventually, after a little frustration, morphed his turtle and lion into a moose. 

Then, he asked what my name started with.  I clarified if he meant "Mommy" or "Donna" and he said,
not who you are, Mommy.  But your NAME.

Okay, it starts with a "D." 
Austin holds up his fingers in the shape of every letter of the alphabet. 
So he put his crayon down and made a "C" with one hand,
and held up the index finger of the other hand to it - to make a D. 
"You mean like this, Mom?"  ;-)

Yes, baby.

And then he really surprised me when he drew Me out of the D.  ;-)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you "Mommy and the Moose!"


He also signed it throughout the can see the "A" and the "t" pretty clearly. 
I think the "s" went on another sheet of paper because he was having trouble with. 
Not sure if the "i" ever made it anywhere. 
But there is a lighter shade orange "n" above the "A" and the "t" and a red "u" under the Moose's mouth.

And the circles under my head?  "That's your belt, Mommy." 

Austin's first original artwork MAKES MY MONDAY!! 

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Mom2SarahB said...

Ok, does this mean that you have scanned and blogged prior to 6 am. Totally worth it. Please tell Austin that that is spectacular artwork! I am so impressed. Of course that was your belt!

Our Family of 5 said...

Awwww! Isn't it great to watch them change and grown. Amazing! I really am going to try to get back in to blogging. I am such a loser!

Bobbi said...

I would say you have a budding artist there!! I loved the picture, and the name writing!! Great job!!

It's so fun watching them as they accomplish new things and how they learn!

Cheryl Lage said...

Artwork is SUCH a Monday Maker! LOVE it!

We'll have to get all the kids together with a big pile of paper and crayons! :)

Thanks for playing along...Makes My Monday!

Hannah said...

That is adorable! Dmitry used to draw pictures with just the head and leg :) So funny.

I have to meet your boys one day...but I can not guarantee that I will not bite them. They are very biteable :)