Friday, June 18, 2010

Life getting in the way of blogging!

Doncha hate that!

This week, we had in-laws and family arriving in town for Evan's BIG graduation day!

We are SO proud of Evan and can't wait to see what the future holds for him!

This week, there were lots of parties and celebrating.  The boys were up WAY too late EVERY night!  And yet, STILL awake very early every morning.  This made for a week of glorious, outstanding behaviour from them.  Or NOT!

They spent a whole day with their grandparents.  And behaved remarkably well!  They went to "Old" McDonalds, the mall, Walmart, the hotel, and for icecream!

And they came home with their new Big Boy bikes!!!  

Yep - our boys are now upgraded to 16 inch bikes....and they are requesting ramps.  NOT gonna happen.  Not gonner happen!

They also finally had their FOUR year old check-up.  And for the first time in three years, I went in armed with questions! 
Me: How much sleep SHOULD they be getting? 
Doc: 10 hours. 
Me: NOOO!  Not fair!  Not Fair!  Not Fair!  Shouldn't they be sleeping like 15!?!

Me: The potty training or lack there of?
Doc:  It happens
Me:  NOOOOO!  NOt Fair!  Not Fair!  Not Fair!!  Can't we send them away to Potty Training Boot camp?

Me:  They eat NON-STOP, ALL the time.  Shouldn't I be limiting the amount of food?
Doc: No.  Not really.  They're healthy, not overweight and they're growing.  And it sounds like they are eating mostly fruits and wholegrains, so I'm not concerned.
Me:  NOOOOO!  NOt Fair!  Not Fair!  We're feeding and cleaning ALL day long!! 

All of these questions were taking place in her office and despite my BEGGING,  BRIBING
 and (slightly) threatening their lives, neither twin sat STILL or QUIETLY during the Q & A.

Me:  Okay, THIS, this CONSTANT MOTION and ACTION.  THis INABILITY to SIT. STILL., for more than 2 seconds.  That can't be normal.  I mean COME ON.  (read: HELP ME!)
Doc:  They are some of the BEST listeners I've ever met.  I examined both of them completely in under 10 minutes.  Most 4 year old do not listen NEARLY as well.  Do you get complaints from school?
Me: um, no.  But, I mean - COME ON.  Seriously, LOOK at them, they do NOT sit still.  EVER!  (Except at school, or to veg out at TV, but even then, they're jumping around on the couch.)
Doc:  They're excellent listeners.  They did everything I asked.  They are just active.  They're vocab is amazing.  They can concentrate.  Focus.  I have no concerns.

But as a mom to twins herself, she smiles and says, but then again, they're not my children!


Tina said...

Mine call it Old McDonalds too. I find it hysterical. Congrats to Evan and isn't it fun o have active boys. ;)

Hannah said...

I haven't even been able to read a blog much less do my own! At least it's fun busy!

I love your conversation with the doctor! That cracked me up.

I have a 3 year old Teenager. She goes to sleep around 11:30-midnight. (notice I said goes to sleep then..not gets in bed) and then does not wake up until I make her get up between 10-11. I kept waking her up early thinking she would go to sleep early...nope. I tried running her ragged, but she outlasts me and still stays up...while I fall asleep! I give up.

Sophia never sits still at home either. She is an Angel if we go out with her friends, or to school but at home. **Wild Monkey**

I swear, one day our children are going to meet and get married and the world will not be ready for the super-humans they produce!

Samantha and Woody said...

I am proud of them!

Laurie said...

OMG you crack me up! I count my blessing everyday that Bella is a WONDERFUL sleeper but she does talk constantly and eats all the time!

I'm also soooo impressed with the boys biking skills! AAAH-mazing!

Helene said...

Congratulations to Evan!!! You must be so proud! What a handsome young man he is!!

I've had a similar conversation with my dr about Garrett and Landon. I tried to convince him that they have ADHD and he's like, "Uh, no...they're boys, very active NORMAL boys". He's not the one who has to live with them, though!