Monday, March 8, 2010

Vote for ME!

Update!  Today, Monday, March 8th is the LAST DAY to VOTE!!
THANKS a ton for all the votes so far!  We have the best friends in the UNIVERSE!

Alright, dark clouds in my life - GO AWAY! 
I am ready for the SUNSHINE to come into my life

This is my garage:

Not much to get you to SMILE, is it?

But the nice folks over here at Lite 98 are running a contest
for Matt from Clutter Cleaner to come CLEAN OUT our garage
and then these people, Closet Factory are going to give us $3,000 worth of stuff
to make it all look so NICE and NEAT and Oh-So-PRETTY!! 

But I need YOUR HELP!!!  

Please follow the SIMPLE instructions below to HELP put a SMILE on my face!

1) Click here  (note: read instructions FIRST, clicking the link will take you there and you'll leave my blog!)

2) Enter your e-mail
3) Scroll down until you see THIS picture:

4) Then, click on the little circle to vote for THAT picture.  (It should be #40, but just in case those guys at Lite 98 get a little tricky and switch up the pictures, make sure the one you're voting for looks like the one on my blog!  hint: look for the box of popcorn!)

5) Then, scroll down, you gotta fill out the info at the bottom
6) and hit "register"
7) VOILA!  YOU ARE done and I AM on my way to getting a FANTABULOUS new garage! 

Together, we can a make a difference!
 (at least in my life, 
....probably not so much in yours!
....unless you wanna come over and drool at the finished product
...that might a make a differenc in your life! fact we just might throw a big reveal party for you!)



Hannah said...

I put my vote in! Good Luck!!

Guatmama said...

Voted for you!

Anonymous said...


Steph said...

HAHAHA! How great! You got my vote, but you sure have some tough competition! Awesome!

Jamie said...

You got my vote!!! Good Luck!!!

Helene said...

I just voted for you!! Hope you win!!

Anne said...

I'll vote for you!

Also, send me your address so I can send out the Formula II for you to do a review on your blog.

Tell Nonnie thanks and I hope she likes it!!

Bobbi said...

DONE!!! You are so funny

Christina said...

You got my vote! Hope you win!

Heidi said...

OOoh, good luck! That would be awesome!

Sharlene said...

Well I tried to vote but the contest was closed! Bummer. I hope you won. Thank you for voting for me!