Monday, March 22, 2010


But first, more from the fashionister...
Layered tops paired with mismatched shoes...and a spiked mohawk...accessorize with a green frog.
On your mark!

Logan pulling the use-the-arm to get ahead approach of running a race!

My boys love to race!

Austin using the "I'll start way ahead of you" method of cheating, er, I mean, "ensurance of winning."


Steph said...

Hahaha! That last picture is the best! Racing is the best. Eli races around pretending he is Pablo in the "Race Around the World" episode.

Hannah said...

Those are great! I just want to squeeze those little boogers!

Helene said...

What? There was no "get set" after the "on your mark"!!!! Guess they were in a hurry to get on with the race! Love the whole idea of putting the arm in front of the competition with the means of holding them back!!!

Such cute pictures, as always! The mohawk is awesome!

Heidi said...

Maybe they'll be track stars. The last one totally reminds me of Maddox, Angelina and Brad's kid!

Bobbi said...

ERRRRR, Logan have you heard of the show What Not to Wear...your Mom might refer you:>) I love the outfit!!

Here, we play chase, chase, chase. Boys just love to run!!!

Dena said...

that's pretty much the only way i could ever win a race!!

Greta Jo said...

They are too cool!

Helene said...

You still have your e-mail listed as "no reply"...that's a huge no-no in the blogosphere..LOL!

I had a friend who was allergic to the progesterone oil too! Our RE ended up prescribing something else for her but I remember she had huge welts on her butt...bigger than the ones I had from the shots already.

I think I heard somewhere that there was either monkey pee or horse pee in one of the stimulant might have been Gonal-F but I can't remember now!

Helene said...

If you want your e-mail to be displayed in your comments, just go to your dashboard and click on "edit profile". Then check off "display e-mail". So when you comment on someone's blog, they'll receive an e-mail notifying them that you've commented..and your e-mail address will be visible so they can respond to you personally.

Do you receive your comments via e-mail? If you do, you'll notice that some people have a "no reply" e-mail. You can't respond personally to them because it ends up somewhere lost out in the blogosphere!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Hi Donna, thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Your boys are just so handsome. It's always nice to 'meet' another Guatemama!