Friday, March 12, 2010

Move over, Gary!

There's a new LOVE in my life!!! 
Matt Paxton (as seen on A& E's show, The Hoarders!)
Okay, so I haven't even MET him yet, but just talking to him on the phone has got me SO excited. 
Matt is the owner of Clutter Cleaner, those AMAZING people who are going to come over for FREE and work their magic on me, my hubby and my garage!   

How can you NOT fall in love with THAT!?!

Details for those of you that asked:  Matt and his team are going to come to our house around 9am
(on March 30) and spend the whole day with Gary and I EMPTYING the garage! 
They are bringing over a Smart Box for us to put IN all of the STUFF we are keeping. 
Everything ELSE will either be HAULED away as TRASH or a DONATION! 
They'll even bring back our donation letters! 

Once the garage is all spark-a-ly clean and empty, the amazing folks over at The Closet Factory are then going to come in and work THEIR magic!

THEN, back comes Matt and his team AGAIN to EMPTY the Smart Box contents into the garage!

Did you guys have any idea you were GIVING US such a FANTASTIC prize with ALL of your votes??  
Can you BELIEVE how generous MATT and his company ARE??

Have we said THANK YOU enough? way! 
We cannot possibly THANK YOU for ALL of your help! 

As always, I'll keep ya posted!!!


Jamie said...

You are totally deserving!!! I am so excited for you...are you going to be on the show or is this just a promo??? Super cool that you get SOMEONE else to do the funding and all you have to do is the work...easy trade; because I have found that the funding is the hard part!!! I cannot wait to see the outcome!!! Good Luck!

Tracey said...

This is so freakin' cool...and you TOTALLY deserve it!!!

Steph said...

SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!! Are they filming this? So awesome!