Monday, March 29, 2010

See - it isn't easy!

While I "participated" in my first 10k on Saturday
(hey, so what if most of it was walking?),
Gary and Nonnie took the boys to our church's Easter Egg Hunt.

And God Bless my husband, he took pictures for me! 

See - I make it look so easy, don't I? 
But photographing the dynamic duo is a challenge!  They just don't stay still!
Well, unless there's a chokehold involved...

"Um....I wonder where Mom is? 
She's usually doing some pretty cah-razy stuff behind the camera to get us to smile!"

I heard lots and lots of great stories about their big day. 
They had a pretty fun time! 
Except for that darn scarey Easter Bunny! 
Austin wanted nothing to do with him, again.


 look what this boy brought home!
What?  Can't see it.....
An Egg Trophy, of course!
Austin found the MOST eggs!   
He carried in his trophy to me in two hands, up and over his head. 
He was SO proud! 
Placed it up on a self and everything!   


Bobbi said...

Way to go Austin!!! That is something to be proud of. Mom, way to go to you too!!! You rock

Gary, good guy taking pictures---I think you took them on the move:>) I love the choke hold ones. Such precious moments:>)

Hannah said...

So cute! I love it when other people realize what life is like with our wild and crazy kids!

Helene said...

The golden egg trophy is awesome!!! He must have been so proud of himself!

And OMGosh...the pic of one of the boys holding the other down in a choke hold is CLASSIC! If you don't include that on your Christmas card this year, I'll be disappointed (as if I'm on your list, right? LOL)

Anne said...

Congratulations on your 10K! I'm hoping to start running again and think signing up for a race will help me stay focused.

Love the pictures Gary took of the kids:)