Friday, September 12, 2008


Austin and Logan had their first day of Preschool! Nonnie and I took them for their trial 1-hour run on Tuesday.

They jumped right in and started playing.
Then, they colored monkeys - how appropriate!
Logan spent some time in the mini-me book section reading a mini-book. How precious!

And Austin, ever the girl -charmer was busy helping in the kitchen!

The "real" first day was Thursday and Gary took them in that day. He said they went kickin' and screaming! Oh my heart!
But, their wonderfully sweet teacher, Miss Cindy happens to be one of Evan's friends mother who also happens to be our next door neighbor! Okay - that's not a coincidence! It's really one of the only reasons they're even in preschool! I have only left them with Daddy, Nonnie and one incredibly sweet lady, Miss Liz from my church. With each one of those - I get full blown minute by minute detail of what my babies do when I'm not around - we're talking, what they ate, what they said, if they fought (or rather WHO fought! lol), etc. And I can call whenever I need to if I miss the boys. So, I think the three hours away is harder on me than them!
Miss Cindy said they did fine after drop off. They get A+++ on their first day for being such good boys!


Katie said...

They are just 2 cute !! Growing right up on you :)

Cheryl Lage said...

What precious little pupils you have! What a world of new experience awaits you all!

Tagged you for a meme if you're game...

And thank you for your kind words on the 9/11 post...very cathartic to write.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Donna - They are just adorable. I love how cute they look in class. I'm sure they will adjust after a few times. I think any change is hard it's just that kids get to kick and scream and as adults we just have to deal with it.

How nice for you too to get some 'me' time now.

Jordan and Chandra Smith said...

oh, that video is so sweet, what cute little boys you have!

Jordan and Chandra Smith said...

oh, that video is so sweet, what cute little boys you have!

Tracey said...

Oh my..."love you mama" melts my heart! Too cute...glad you survived...that is truly the toughest part. Hope we can fit some play dates in post surgery next to all!
Tracey and Van

Steph said...

Ohmygoodness!! I LOVE the live version and hearing them talk! "I love you mama." Oh, melts my heart!

Bobbi said...

NO!!!!!!!!!! They are growing up too fast!!! SOunds like a great situation. Maybe they could web-cam to you??

Mom, they really weren't into the video---until the end. They love their Mama!!!

Hope the drop offs get better. That is so hard!!!

They looked like they were having fun in the pics, though

Our Family of 5 said...

Awww Donna! It breaks my heart to think of them crying. I hope they continue to like it. They look like little social butterflies and so darn cute they both are.

JuJu - said...


Abby Grace and John-Bryan are going to preschool too:)

it seems like by the time i take them in and get them to class, drive home, it is time to turn around and go pick them up;)

John-Bryan loves it - Abby - uuuummmm.. not so much - but she is getting there:)

LOVE this post
and love the way you talk about your boys -
you have a beautiful Momma's heart:)

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

What big boys...preschool. My word, and they look so stinking cute. Austin helping in the kitchen it about ADORABLE!! Logan in the mini me book section reading he looks so big! Can't wait to see them in person : )

Heidi said...

Looks like they love preschool! What on earth do you do without them? Even though you miss them it has to be a good break anyway!

Carrie said...

They are SO adorable and very close to Savannah's age. I am so glad to have "met" you now!