Friday, September 26, 2008

Da-fendin' Momma!

( in "defending Momma")

Last night getting ready for bed, I had Austin almost dressed (in his Pj's) and Gary was still chasing Logan around the bed. He was climbing up and then jumping off - their usual.

I said, "Austin's gonna get his bottle (I know, the horrors!! But it's the only way we can get any milk into then right now)."

Logan: "I want MA (my) bottle."

Mommy: "Well, then, you need to get your pj's on."

He came over and laid down. Daddy is bigger and stronger than Momma and within seconds, Logan was naked and Daddy was whipping a new diaper on him.

Mommy (evah the competitor): "Ut-oh, Daddy's beating Momma, now"

Both Austin and Logan: "No, Daddy! No BEATING Momma!"

While Gary and I exchange looks like, serious? How the heck do they know the meaning of "beating" I say, "No honey 'Daddy is beating mommy like'...(I was gonna say something like..."like in a race, when we say 'I win, I win'"....although in our races, everyone wins...)...but all Logan heard again was that key phase: "...Daddy beats Mommy...." and he rears up and clomps his teeth down on Gary's hand and repeats "No, Daddy! No beat Momma!"

At the unexpected attack, Gary yelped in his big deep booming voice and scared the dickens out of Logan. Then we tried to balance between admonishing the little tyke that "It's never appropriate to bite" in between peels of laughter and as I look over Logan's shoulder while consoling him during his high pitched wails of terror and share a look of glee with my husband, my heart swells:

Like a lady of the castle, I lift my head a little more regally as the message from my Knights in Shining Armour comes through loud and clear:

"Don't mess with my Momma!"


Hannah said...

Aren't boys just the best?? What sweeties! I'll have to tell you sometimes the crazy stories of my own little knight in shining armor!

BTW...Sophia is still taking bottles too. For the same reason. She refuses milk in anything but a bottle. I have tried EVERYTHING but she is winning at this battle.

* TONYA * said...

What a sweet little knight in shining armour you have :).

I wonder if he'll start saying out in public that daddy beats momma LOL.

Heidi said...

That was the sweetest post! You have so many men looking out for you. :)

Tina said...

Way to go boys! Defending Mommy. Toby is my big protector too....I think it's adorable but then again there is ususally no biting involved. :)

Guatmama said...

Such a cute story, you told it so well, I can see it in motion!

Bobbi said...

Hope Daddy got the message!! What a cute story to share with them later on.

Hope Gary's hand is ok. Your house is simply never dull, is it?

Don't apologize for giving them bottles. There is nothing wrong with it. Reese would still have his if he didn't give it up on his own. Keep them snuggly babies as long as you can!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Wow! You have a real knight! I am so jealous : )

I hope Gary's head is ok too!

Steph said...

They love their momma!!! HA!!! Your own little body guards!

We had a similar incident when Jason came up behind me one day and scared me. Of course, I screamed. Eli started screaming and crying and refused to go anywhere near Jason. Of course, he came running to mama's rescue (no biting, though!)! We were laughing so hard, but trying to console and reassure at the same time!

Tam said...

Oh, man, that's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!!! How sweet, you have a knight in shinning armor to protect you.

Whenever Mark hugs me or tickles me, Luke yells "No, Mark. Not my mommy" and then either throws something or hits Mark and tries to get him away from me. I too, laugh but at the same time love to have little protector.

Carrie said...

That is so funny and adorable. I am glad Savannah is not the only 2+ year old that will ONLY take milk from a bottle. There is no negotiating. We have tried EVERYTHING and then some. I am with you, it is the only way she will drink milk and get nutrition.

I hope my future son and I have that relationship too.

Beth said...

You just can't even make those moments up! What an adorable story! The sooner boys learn too da-fend their Momma, the better!

I am off to find some pics of your cuties before heading off to school!! I miss checking in, but so glad I did! :)